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Actually chromosomes are made of coiled and condensed DNA molecules and proteins.

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How are DNA and chromosomes are related?

DNA and chromsones are practically the same thing the DNA is held within the chromosomes DNA is in the chromosomes. The chromosomes who the information from the DNA.

Does DNA contain 23 chromosomes?

No. DNA doesn't contain chromosomes. Chromosomes are DNA.

Does all cells have chromosomes?

All cells must contain DNA in order to function and reproduce. Chromosomes are contained in DNA. So the answer is yes!

Is DNA found in the cell's chromosomes?

The chromosomes are DNA.

How are chromosomes and DNA related?

How are chromosomes and dna related?

How many chromosomes does DNA contain?

DNA does not contain any chromosomes. Chromosomes contain DNA, and in humans, there are 46 chromosomes in each cell.

Is DNA located in chromosomes?

DNA is actually in cells. Chromosomes are found on DNA.

Why is DNA coiled tightly into chromosomes?

DNA is coiled tightly into chromosomes during mitosis in order for them to be able to split easily into the two new daughter cells.

What is the link between DNA and chromosomes?

DNA is housed in chromosomes.

Do chromosomes contain DNA?

DNA is found in the chromosomes of a cell

How is DNA organized into the chromosomes?

DNA is actually not organized INTO the chromosomes, but strands of DNA are wrapped around proteins and then are called chromosomes

Is DNA and chromosomes the same thing?

No DNAand a chromosomes are not the same things, but the chromosomes hold DNA.

Do DNA have chromosomes?

No though DNA is in chromosomes DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic acid and those acids are composed in DNA

What is the difference between chromosomes and DNA?

Chromosomes are the "package" DNA comes in.

Is DNA organized on chromosomes?

no, chromosomes contain the genetic information (DNA)

What is the relationship of DNA and chromosomes?

Chromosomes are you're genetic makeup which is what DNA is

Does DNA have chromosomes in it or is it the other way around?

Chromosomes are constructed from Dna.

How are chromosomes related to DNA?

Chromosomes are the form of DNA during mitosis.

Which organelle holds DNA and chromosomes?

The nucleus holds DNA and chromosomes.

The chromosomes are copied?

DNA makes up with chromosomes. The DNA is copied during DNA replication.

How do chromosomes turn into DNA?

chromosomes are DNA + associated proteins.treatment with proteases and one can obtain DNA

Why are chromosomes important to living things?

Chromosomes are structures found in the nucleus of our cells which contain our DNA. DNA codes for the production of all the proteins in our body which we need to have in order to survive. Without chromosomes, we could not live at all.

Do the chromosomes contain DNA?

Yes, chromosomes contain DNA as well as proteins necessary for the functioning of DNA.

What contains chromosomes made of DNA?

Nucleus contains chromosomes made of DNA

What are the parts of the DNA code on chromosomes?

Genes are the parts of the DNA code on chromosomes.

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