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What is the percent of fat in 200g of meat withe the fat being 30g?

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Simply divide 30 by 200. 30/200=.15 or 15%

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How much iron is in 200g of red meat?

1 medium (144 g) Steak, grilled 4.3 mg iron 1 medium (144 g) Steak, grilled 4.3 mg iron or approximately 6mg for a 200g steak.

Do a lot of dinosaurs eat meat?

Roughly 65 percent of dinosaurs were herbivores, while only about 35 percent were carnivorous (meat-eating).

How many grams of fat is in 93 percent lean meat?

it depends on the amount of meat in question

How many calories in 96 percent lean hamburger meat?

It depends how heavy the meat weighs.

Of what percent is 72 of 36?

oh meat glorious meat. I'm afraid i don't know XD

Did anybody change from eating meat to being a vegetarian?

Yeah. I changed from eating meat to being a vegetarian.

How does the US use horse meat?

As of the 1990s, roughly 90 percent of processed horse meat was exported to other countries, with the remaining ten percent going into fertilizer and dog food

If you are a vegetarian can you die if you eat meat?

No! Being a vegetarianis your choice. You will not die. Being a vegetarian also means that you choose not to eat meat, it doesn't mean that if you eat meat you will die.

Are meat packing employees often injured?

36 percent of meat packing employees are injured on the job each year

What are the benefits of being a meat eater?

You get a lot of vitamin B12 from red-meat.

Why do you marinate chicken?

In order that the flavours that the meat is being marinated in can be transferred to the meat.

Why should you cook meat?

To prevent diseases from infecting the meat and being a danger to you. This is why you should always cook meat.

Can you eat Yak meat?

Yak's meat in edible, the are almost extinct in China, being hunted for the skin and the meat

How is being vegetarian cheaper?

Being a vegetarian you dont have to buy expensive meat such as steak, vegetables cost less than meat.

Is a Tyronausaurus an Omnivore?

Omnivore being both a meat and vegetation eater , And the T-Rex being a meat eater , Make the T-Rex a meat eater ...? No T-Rex is a Carnivore

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