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.70 ounces Actually, it is 2 ounces. I am suspicious of the 2-ounce figure. The entire weight of the hamburger, cooked and including the bun, according to White Castle, is 58 grams, or about 2 ounces (see the serving size column in the nutritional info page at Perhaps the weight of the bun, pickles, etc. exactly counterbalances the weight lost by the patty in cooking, but I doubt it.

According to wikipedia, in white castle's former process (before there were holes in the patties) there were 18 patties per pound of beef, so the pre-cooked weight of one patty would have been 16/18 or 0.89 ounces. (it also says forty to a kilogram, which is 25 grams or .88 ounces). There's no way it's 2 ounces anyway - 2 ounces is the PCW of a standard-sized patty at most other fast food restaurants. A quarter of a pound is 4 ounces, and we all know what a QP patty (Whopper or McRoyal) looks like.

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Q: What is the pre-cooked weight of a White Castle hamburger patty?
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