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What is the price to replace the left front CV axle for a 1985 Toyota Camry?


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Since you'll need to take it in for an alignment afterward, just have an alignment specialty shop do it for you. It will save trouble and tires.


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The cost to replace a fuel pump in a Toyota Camry will depend on the price of the fuel pump and also the mechanic. On average, it will cost an estimated $400 or more to replace the fuel pump.

price of labor rate and parts will vary depending on location, where are you

$200-400 + part price depending on where you are going to fix it.

The price varies, but it should in the range of $1000-3000 + transmission.

Try going to the junk yards, they always have what you are looking for and at an affordable price.

You are looking at $500 at least plus labor (price varies depending on state).

According to US news the Toyota Camry Hybrid is ranked #2 in affordable mid sized cars. A new Toyota Camry Hybrid will cost around $26,000 depending on different features selected.

I just had a price quoted to replace the struts on a 1996 Camry: $1050.00. This includes alignment. (Firestone) My 2001 Taurus cost $475 for front struts,rear shocks and alignment at Dobbs. Not sure about a Camry. I recommend to stay away from Firestone. if you know how to do it yourself, it should cost you no more then $200-$300 for both. just goto kragen or autozone for the parts.

Camry cars are considered to be safe and reliable. A con in regards to Camry cars is the price. Camry cars are made from Toyota, a Japanese brand. They are popular cars.

You can search for a 1998 Toyota Camry for sale on CarsForSale. You can find cheap and used cars on there for a very low price to meet your standards.

The price for a toyota camary normally cost $24,000.00. It is a basic car that cost that doesn't have to many accessories such as spoilers, rims, etc.

The cost to replace an engine for Toyota Corolla is around $1,500. The exact price will depend upon how much labor is going to cost.

The 1998 Toyota Camry instrument panel bulb price will vary from $.97 to $4.50 depending on brand. The bulb can be purchased at any auto parts store.

I am being quoted a price of $1,300 to replace the Catalytic converter on my 2004 Toyota Highlander. This quote comes from a dealer located in Central Ohio.

$500-600 + part price or more (at Toyota dealer).

It depends on if you are buying or trying to decide if you need another car. If you are planning on buying higher than 140K is too much especially if the previous owner did not take care of the car. If you are thinking to replace your car, then it depends if you took proper care of the car. Toyota Camry can go up 200k without any problems. Also if price of a single repair is same or higher than the price of the car you might want to get rid of it.

The 2011 Camry comes in several different models: CAMRY, LE, SE, XLE, & HYBRID. Prices start at $20,000 and go up to $27,000 for the HYBRID. The LE, SE and XLE have something called Extra Value Packaging, which adds additional features for an affordable price.

Maybe a few hundred dollars, but the question is too general to give a detailed answer. It's like asking the average price for a car (compared to, say, the average price for a 2010 Toyota Camry).

toyota fortuner price of saudi riyaal

The cost to replace the clutch on a 1993 Toyota Celica will vary depending on labor and part costs. The clutch for the vehicle costs approximately $67.63 in some stores.

If only brake pads need to be replaced, the cost will be around $150. If the rotors are also bad, the price will be around $450.

I just received a $680 quote from a Toyota dealer for replacing the catalytic converter on my 2002 Camry. Evidently, this is considered quite cheap in the converter world. The part was $415 with labor the remaining cost. I checked online and the initial place I looked had a new part for $178. I think I'm going to shop around for a new part and have a non-dealer mechanic replace it. Should be in the $400 range. I was initally quoted $350 at a auto repair shop but then I decided to call around and get quotes. I called AutoZone and the quoted me $85.99 for a 4 cylinder Camry LE and if you go to a place like Pepboys they install it for $120. Toyota will try and say they are quoting you the best price but are way to expensive.

For a new Toyota Camry, you can find one between an MSRP of $20,110 and a hybrid for aboout $28,200 depending on the kind of deal your dealer would be willing to give you. You should be looking at a holdback of about $400 to $585.

No, you don't. Just buy oil from Toyota dealer and you will be fine. It's relatively cheap and works great with Camry engines. You do not have to buy oil from your Toyota dealer and pay a premium price. Toyota does not make oil and you are buying nothing more than some name brand oil with a Toyota label on the bottle. Purchase a name brand oil of your choice of the correct weight at the place with the best price. Do you need high mileage oil? If the engine has over 100,000 miles on the odometer, then High Mileage oil can be of benefit and for sure will do no harm.

If you need to replace the pads only, it can cost about $20 and more depending on state and city. If you need to replace rotors or/and calipers, it might cost $400 to $500 on average and more.

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