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What is the problem 1996 Saturn sl2 where the right turn signal indicator on the dash panel is not working all turn signals and emerg flasher work OK?


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September 15, 2011 9:58AM

most likely... a blown bulb in your cluster. the bulb is difficult to replace, but i know stuff like that can bother people. to replace the bulb.....

find the two square bolt covers located in the center of your upper dash pannel. there is a cosmetic indent in the upper pannel, the covers come out with a small flat blade screw driver. 7mm bolts hold the pannel to the rest of the assembly. once removed, use a larger flat blade screw driver and pry up along the front edge of the pannel to release the holding clips. once all the clips are released, the pannel should come off with ease, just set it behind you. next remove the lower pannel under your steering wheel assembly. again, 7mm bolts hold this pannel on. let the pannel hang from the hood release cable for the time being. Under the dash, the bracket that mounts the steering wheel column assembly is visible. remove the bolts and let the column rest in your lap. around the cluster itself is a cosmetic trim peice. locate the two push pins in the upper corners of the trim. use a smaller Phillips driver to lightly push on the middle of these fastners. they should sink in, releasing the outer ring so you can grab them with your fingers. once both fastners are our, remove the trim peice and set aside. The cluster is held in by 4 bolts. I've seen both 7mm and 8mm bolts used, so keep both tools handy. two are located in the lower corners of the cluster assembly. the other two are located on the back side of the cluster assembly. you can see them through your windshield. reomve the wireing harnesses from the back of the assembly by first removing the red harness lockers, and then squeesing the end tabs with all your might. they are usually pretty tight. once the wireing is out of the back, the cluster should just come right out from the front. The bulbs are makred on the the back. just grab the one you want to replace, and twist it out. replace the bulb.... and begin the long process of reassembling the dash. Its more time consuming then difficult. figure about an hour to hour and a half for a novice.