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What is the problem when an automatic transmission for a 1997 Geo Metro LSI will not go into reverse?

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Have you fixed this yet? The fix is cheap and easy. Let me know if you haven't yet. Mr Geo Metro

2008-08-11 04:21:19
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What makes an automatic 1997 Geo metro grind when put into gear?

If it is automatic and it grinds, that means you must come to a complete stop before shifting into reverse, or your transmission is no good

Is a automatic transmission from a 95 Geo Metro interchangeable with a 98 Geo Metro?

Yes it is. Any Metro transmission made after the year 1994 will fit in your 98 Metro.

Why would your 1995 Metro with an automatic transmission not have reverse sometimes Some days it works some days it doesn't Also when there is no reverse it shifts hard in the forward gears?

Have you ever changed the fluid and filter in the transmission? If not, that's the first thing you should try.

What automatic transmission is in the 2000 Chevy Metro?

TH125 three speed.

Could someone help with a 1991 Geo Metro automatic transmission problem It will drive in 1st and 3rd Drive but no reverse and 2nd gear. Gear shift linkage is correct.?

Sounds like it needs new friction parts internally. Find a good shop.

How do you change a manual transmission over to an automatic in a 1991?

Sell '91 Metro manual. Purchase '91 Metro automatic. You'll be less than $500 out of pocket which is a lot less than a serviceable automatic will cost.

Will a 1997 Geo Metro Automatic Transmission work in a 1996 Geo Metro without changes?

if the engines that they came off of are the same it should work

What is the procedure for tightening the automatic transmission bands on a 1995 4-cylinder Metro?

It isn't possible. You'll need to have the transmission rebuilt.

Where is the Geo Metro transmission filter?

If you are talking about an automatic transmission, it is under the removable pan at the bottom of the trans. Drain the oil and remove the pan, you'll see. Mr Geo Metro

What other vehicles use the same automatic transmission as a 2000 Chevrolet metro 1.3L?

Suzuki Swift Pontiac Firefly

How do you put transmission fluid in a 1995 Geo Metro?

For all automatic transmissions you add fluid through the dipstick tube.

Do you need to change the transmission fluid for Geo Lsi 97 automatic transmission?

typically it is done around 100,000 miles. If it doesn't have a sealed transmission (which the metro doesnt) you should change the fluid.

Where does transmission fluid go in 1991 Geo Metro automatic?

Remove the transmission dipstick and insert a funnel into the metal tube. Be careful you don't over fill though.

Does a 1997 Geo Metro transmission have overdrive after 35 mph?

If you are speaking of the automatic transmission, no. The 1997 geo metro has a 3 speed automatic. At approximately 35 mph it will shift from 2nd to 3rd gear. This means that it will run at 3500 rpm when traveling at 55 mph. Most cars with overdrive will shift to the 4th gear (overdrive) at this point. A geo metro, which only has 3 gears, does not.

Will not shift automatically 1999 metro?

If the 1999 Chevrolet Metro will not shift automatically there may be a problem with the transmission solenoid. The solenoid tells when the transmission when to shift, and when it is malfunctioning will cause a vehicle to stay stuck in a certain gear.

What type of transmission fluid does a 1991 Geo Metro use?

There are two types of transmission fluid used by this car. For a manual transmission us 75W90 GL5 gear oil, and for an automatic use DEXRON-III.

How do i fix my Geo Metro automatic slipping?

Check your transmission fluid levels. Look around for'll see a reddish fluid around the drive axle on your transmission or around the radiator.

Did the Austin metro come with automatic transmission?

yes... on the 1.3 ltr engine methinks.. worked on a H reg bout 15 yrs ago..

Where is the transmission control module 1995 Geo Metro?

it is in the transmission

How do you check transmission fluid lever 2001 Chevy Metro?

how do you check transmission fluid level in a 2001 chevy metro

What will the 4 cylinder engine and automatic transmission from a 1995 Geo metro fit in?

another 95 Geo- maybe a ford aspire, a old dodge colt or a lawnmower.

What is the problem when both signal lights quit working and auto transmission shifter sticks in park on a 2001 Metro?

check fuses first .

Are the engines in a 1992 Geo Metro with manual transmissions interchangeable with engines with automatic transmissions?

Yes, they are. Please remember you have to also change the flywheel on the manual with the flexplate from the automatic transmission/tourque converter. you might also have to change the axles too.

You can't get your transmission to shift into any gear including park on your 1996 Geo Metro?

Thils is a typical problem in the geo transmission. There is a check valve in the shift body of the transmission. It is easily fixed and costs next to nothing. If you haven't fixed it by now contact me and I'll give you the information. Mr Geo Metro

Can you swap a transmission from a Geo Metro in to a suzuki esteem?

No. The Metro trans is too small.