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ALSO, Keep in mind that your coolant system is designed to be pressurized. When it is under pressure the coolant can work very efficiently to keep your engine at operating temp. If you have a small leak, even a pinhole (or head gasket leak etc.) your engine will easyily overheat because the "boiling temperature" of the coolant is significantly decreased when its not pressurized. For example when the coolant is pressurized it can withstand about 270 degrees, but when not pressurized it can maybe withstand 230 degrees.

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Q: What is the problem when your car keeps running hot and you have replaced the water pump and thermostat?
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What if your coolant keeps boiling out?

Thermostat needs to be replaced, it is not opening (most common). Is electric fan on radiator running normally from time to time?

2000 Jetta 2 liter motor overheating but no heat from vents when heat is turned on Can this be thermostat any help is appreciated?

my jetta keeps overheating so i replaced the thermostat hoping that was the problem but know there telling me it might be the water pump check it out maybe its that

Your 1999 SLS keeps running hot you have replaced the thermostat the water pump backflushed the engine and flushed the radiator what now?

I had similar problem with a mercury tracer I owned I had two problems with mine, One the thermostat was faulty(was old and rusted out) and the temperature sending unit wasn't working right ( Fan did not come on at needed temperature 205 degrees) so I had to replace them both. Hope this helps

Your 1993 Pontiac Sunbird LE 4cyl keeps over heating If you remove the thermostat it stays cool I replaced the thermostat twice what could it bevI have no coolantleak or water in the exhaust?

I was having the same problem with my car. When you take the thermostat out it will automatically read cool. But I later found out that I had a leak in my radiator and had to replace it. Turned out that my heads are warped and was leaking oil into my water and into the radiator itself. Once i replaced the radiator its been fine.

Car keeps running without igination key?

I had the same problem on my 1989 Isuzu Amigo XS 2.6, I replaced the Ignition Switch and everything was fixed and works like new now.

My 2000 Pontiac gran am keeps running hot.?

check the thermostat it is possibal that it is stuck had that prob with a couple cars usaly helps

Ejector pump keeps running?

If the ejector pumps keeps running, it may have a faulty shut-off sensor. The best thing to do is to try replacing the sensor and see if that corrects the problem.

Your 1984 Olds Delta 88 starts only if you pump the gas and keeps the engine running if you pump the gas but shuts off on idleh How can you fix this problem?

Carb.? May need to be re-built or replaced

Was having charging system problem so alternator was replaced now car keeps flooding and wont fire--I dried carb plugs spark is good so no start is the problem what to do now?

"was having charging system problem so alternator was replaced now car keeps flooding and won`t fire.

Why is the temperature keeps running hot in a 1998 Ford Contour?

It could be a stuck thermostat. If the thermostat is not opening fully it will not allow the coolant to move freely through the engine, making it run hotter than normal.

Car doors keeps unlocking?

most 1995 jettas had that problem, the lock will eventually fall through the door and you will have to get it replaced.

Your 97 Dodge Neon DOHC Manual keeps overheating you've backflushed the radiator and replaced the headgasket The water pump works good and you don't know why it keeps overheating?

Replace the Thermostat, and bleed all air from the cooling system.

What could be wrong with my 95 Dodge Spirit the thermostat gauge keeps going to hot and my check gauges light flashes What could this be you have had your timing replaced and your cam shaft?

Engines running hot could be Low oil levels low coolant level possibly even a blown head gasket or cracked head Failed water pump, inoperative radiator fan, failed thermostat,......

Replaced battery and alternator on 97 mercury sable and it keeps stalling what is the problem?

Idle air control? Fuel pump? Coil?

2000 Chrysler sebring jxi convertible keeps overheating after replacing the thermostat what could be the problem?

I also have a 2000 Chrysler Sebring which I have owned since 2000 and I love it. I was beginning to have the same problem even sitting in traffic for only a couple seconds would cause the gauge to go up. Now recently when I was sitting in traffic the temperature needle was in the red and the temp. light was on. Thank god traffic started moving again and with in seconds of moving, the needle returned to normal and the light turned off. The car seems to be running fine but concerned I brought it to a Chrysler Dealer and they said it wasn't the thermostat but actually the temperature sensor which had to be replaced. I am not sure what the difference is but they replaced it and it runs normally, no overheating.

What does running do for you?

Running keeps you healthy and fit.

Why does a 1994 Chevy Astro Van motor keeps running after ignition is turned off?

The blower resistor is internally shorted to power and needs to be replaced.

What is the problem with a 2001 Chevy Astro if ABS light suddenly appeared and when van is turned off a motor keeps running forever?

the abs pump needs to be replaced it has a relay that is built into it that defaults to on and will allow the abs pump to continue to run with the key off

Where can you buy a 180 degree thermostat to fit a 4.2 liter 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer?

That is NOT a good idea and I will try to explain why. The computer has to see 195 degrees to get the proper air to fuel ratio. If it is running cooler the computer sees that and keeps the mixture Rich. While running rich you are paying $4.00 a gallon for gas. If the cooling system is the problem THEN fix it.

I have a 2005 Honda Pilot and just recently the engine fan keeps running after the ignition has been shut off. Why is this happening?

The fan is on a thermostat, causing the fan to run if cooling is required, even when the car ignition is turned off. Having said that, if you notice that the fan is running long after you've shut the engine off, you may have a problem!

Cadillac CTS with 129000 on it and the service stabililitie system keeps poping up took it back to the dealer and they dont know what it is or why it keeps coming on can somebody explain to?

Had the same problem on my 2003 CTS and it was the steering control sensor that needed to be replaced. No problem since

Why wont my radiator fans shut off on a 2000 Toyota Camry?

Most likely you have overheating, that's why the keeps running. You need to check the temperature control sensor and the thermostat.

When trying to start 2001 grand prix gt it stalls after 10sec and if you use the remote start it works fine after putting key in is this a key problem or a remote problem?

your key has a chip that keeps it running in order to install button start it needs to bypass this so its deffinitly an ignition problem your key has a chip that keeps it running in order to install button start it needs to bypass this so its deffinitly an ignition problem

Cooling motor keeps running after cars is cooled down after a couple of hours?

What year and make of car? My 1997 Honda Accord's radiator fan kept running after it was shut down. Upon inspection of my system I had low coolant and no pressure. Replaced the radiator and have not had an issue since. Check and top off your coolant, if it continues then I have no clue as to the problem.

The thermostat light keeps coming on and going off and now the engine is overheating with no heat coming out of the fan?

I suggest you take your car to the dealer and they might be able to fix the problem.