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What is the procedure for replacement of passenger side mirror glass in a Chevy Silverado?


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2008-08-11 18:47:12
2008-08-11 18:47:12

I just had to replace my glass. I bought the replacement at the dealer for $54.00 and they would not tell me how to do it. Remove any glass remaining. There should be a plastic piece with a circle of holes in it. I used a flathead screw driver and stuck it in each hole to force the plastic retianing clips to let loose. Then the plastic came off. Push the new glass replacement in plasce and the plastic clips snap it in place. Email if need be. Autozone makes a double sided replacment mirror glass that replacment that fits exactly. Costs about $5-$7. I put one in about two years ago and it's like original. full coverage glass on your insurance will cover that.


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Hi , it depends if only the glass is broken or if the backing plate is damaged as well. If only the glass is broken you can purchase a replacement passenger mirror glass for your Silverado for $24.99 including shipping from our website Thanks Jack

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You need to remove the inside door panel, then remove the bolts that secure the mirror. It is very simple procedure.

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snap the black cover off inside the drivers door in front of the window undo blots disconnct wire fairly simple

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Hi It depends on what exactly is damaged If it is only the glass is damaged just the glass can be replaced. We offer a replacement convex passenger mirror glass for $24.99 with free shipping on our site If the backing plate is damaged as well you need to buy a replacement mirror assembly which can be purchased from a salvage yard or your Ford dealer. Thanks Jack

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I know yours is not a 2001 Ford Expedition. Nevertheless, they are similar. Anyways check out the related links below for the Side Mirror Replacement.

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