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# The battery is located in the right front corner of the engine compartment (facing the car). # Just to the left of the battery is the Power Steering reservoir remove the 5mm hex head screw that holds it in place, this is done to provide enough room to extract the battery. # There is a cover on the battery that is removed by depressing 2 tabs front and rear of the battery. # There is additionally a small square box atop the battery, this is a junction for a number of power cables, look for a small tab at the base of this box towards the windshield, depress it and slide the box towards the windshield and lift ( you don't have to disconnect any of the wires here). # The battery is encased in a plastic cover; this case has two sides left and right. There is a small wire holder that is connected to the left half, carefully remove it. # Disconnect the battery cables (10 mm), negative side first, (make sure the cable doesn't touch anything metal) and then the positive side. # You can now remove the left half of the battery cover. It should lift straight up (this could take some patience mine hung up a bit). # If you look down to the center, front of the base of the battery (closest to the bumper) you will see a 13mm bolt that holds the battery down, remove this and the small plate. # Now the fun part: lifting the battery left side first, tilt it to about 45˚ and slide it out (it's a little tricky). # Once the battery is out remove the insulating jacket (with Velcro tabs) and install it on the new battery. # Take a minute to tie that little square junction box and battery cables out of the way before attempting to install the new battery (this will save the neighbors from having to bring the kids in do to the foul language resulting from these items being in the way). # Basically do the reverse to install the battery, be sure to connect the positive battery cable first. It is a good idea to have the code for your radio handy which is sometimes needed when the battery is disconnected, although mine did not. Compliments of "Found1" from VWForums

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Q: What is the procedure of removing a battery in a 2002 VW Beetle?
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