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.003" intake and .005" exhaust is a good bet, and within .002" of 95% of all the yamaha's

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Q: What is the proper valve gap for a Yamaha 2007 Big Bear 400?
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What is the spark plug gap and valve setting for a 1987 Yamaha 350 big bear ATV?

What is the spark plug gap setting for a 1987 yamaha big bear

Valve clearance 400 Yamaha bear?

intake is .002 to .004 exhaust is .006 to .008

What is the valve clearance on a Yamaha bear-tracker 250?

.006 on the intake and .011 on exhaust

What is the proper spark plug gap for a 1998 Yamaha big bear 350?


How much oil does a Yamaha big bear 400 hold?

The oil capacity for the Yamaha Big Bear 400 is 3.2 quarts. It is recommended you use 10w30 oil in the Big Bear.

How do you adjust Yamaha YFM 350 Big Bear valve?

Many bike owners find it easier to take it to a mechanic to get their valve adjusted. However, it is possible to do it yourself. You must set your engine at TDC on the compression stroke. You do this by inserting a small screwdriver in the spark plug hole. You will then be able to access the valve you need.

How do you put an oil filter back in a 2007 Yamaha big bear?

you have to take the very top end of the motor off it is easy takes like 30min

What is the horsepower of a Yamaha big bear?

22.9 HP

What oil does Yamaha bear tracker take?

The Yamaha Bear Tracker takes 1.6 quarts of oil at each oil change and a K&N filter is recommended by Yamaha. The Bear Tracker takes 10w-30 or 10w-40 weight oil depending on the age, size, and weather conditions where the vehicle is kept.

Decode Yamaha big bear serial number?

What year is my big bear 5y4aho6y53ao43832

What is the tire size for a Yamaha big bear 350?

YFM 350SE Big Bear 4x49725x8x1225x10x12

Where can one learn more about the Yamaha Big Bear 400?

If one is interested in learning about the Yamaha Big Bear 400 the best place to go would be to the Yamaha website. The individual(s) could also go to their local Yamaha store in their area and the salesmen there could share a wealth of knowledge with them on this topic.

What other years and models will cdi box 1998 Yamaha big bear part number F8T32372 fit?

96-99 Yamaha Big Bear & Kodiak. Excluding 96 Big Bear 350 4X4.

Why does your Yamaha big bear smoke?

Time for a rebuild

What weight oil for Yamaha big bear 400?

yamalube 10w30

How much oil does a Yamaha big bear take?

3.2 quarts

How many quarts of oil does a 250 Yamaha bear tracker need?

It is important to maintain the oil levels on any recreational vehicle. A 250 Yamaha Bear Tracker needs 1.6 quarts of engine oil.

How do you stop gas from leaking out of the overflow tube on a 2001 Yamaha big bear 400 I have already replaced the needle and the float in the carborater.?

either the floats are set wrong or the little valve under the float is sticking not hard to fix

How do you adjust a Yamaha YFM 350 Big Bear valve?

Its kind of a pain in the backside to do yourself, the bike shop will charge about $40 to do it while you get the oil changed. You can do it yourself, but its easier to pay them to do it, they wont take all day, and you dont swear as much.

87 Yamaha big bear troubleshooting electrical no fire what are some solutions?

87 Yamaha big bear troubleshooting electrical no fire what are some solutions?

How fast will Yamaha bear tracker 250cc go?


What carburetor is on a 1999 Yamaha big bear 350?


What is the oil capacity on a 2000 Yamaha big bear 400?

3.2 quarts

Oil leaks at the top of the motor in front of exhaust on a 250 bear tracker?

If oil is leaking at the top of the motor on a Yamaha 250 Bear tracker this could be caused by a head gasket or valve seal. To locate the exact source of the leak try removing the bolt near the top of the motor and use degreaser to clean the area. Once the area is clean run the Bear tracker to locate the leak.

What is the spark plug gap on the 2000 Yamaha 250 bear tracker?

the gap is .025