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All radio codes are different, contact a Honda dealer.

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Q: What is the radio code for a stock radio in a 95 civic?
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What is the code radio for Honda Civic 95 ex?

what is code radio for Honda civic 95 ex.

Does anyone have the radio code for a 95 Kia Sportage?

yes take radio out and look on back for code

What is the radio code for the 1995 Hyundai accent?

my code is 1564 for 95 Hyundai accentFromHyundai OwnerEach Hyundai will come with a card this card contains the code to you radio without this card the radio will not unlock because of the theft system.

Will a 95 civic hatchback bumper fit on a 95 civic sedan?


PCV valve on a 95 Honda Civic?

Pcv valve job on 95 civic

What is a 1995 Acura integras radio code?

For many '95 Integras, to find the radio code without removing the radio, remove the slide-out ashtray and look for the sticker on the bottom of the ashtray; the five digit number is your radio code. Turn the radio on, enter the code, and you should be good to go.

Where is the iat sensor on a 95 Honda Civic?

See for yourself in this pic for a 95 Honda Civic

How to reset my radio for a 95 c280 Mercedes?

You'll need to have access to the radio code. You enter it into the keypad on the face of the radio, when prompted. If you don't know your code, you'll have to get it from Mercedes-Benz. Sometimes you can find your code in your owners manual kit.

Need radio code to Grundig Beta Radio from VW Golf 95 The Serial is VWZ2Z2S8588230?

If you need the radio code to your Grundig Beta Radio from a VW Golf 95, you will have to contact your local dealer to look up that information. You will need the serial number, VWZ2Z2S8588230 and other identifying information such as the VIN number and the address and phone to which the car is registered.

How do you replace water pump of 95 Honda Civic ex?

change water pump 95 Honda civic ex

Will 93 civic speedometer cluster work for 95 civic?


Will a 95 Honda Civic bumper fit on a 98 Honda Civic?


Show you the picture how to put breck fluid 95 Honda Civic?

show me how to put breck fluid 95 Honda civic

Will a 95 Honda Civic bumper fit on a 97 Honda Civic?

No, they are not interchangable.

Will a 95 Honda Civic motor fit in a 2000 Honda Civic?


Is the fuel filter and pump located in the same place on a 95 Civic 4 door as on the 95 Civic two door?

To my knowledge yes.

You do not have code for 95 Honda Accord EX since vehicle was purchased used so I do not know dealership vehicle was originally from. Is there a default code?

If you are talking about the radio code, no, there is no default code. Any dealer can supply you with the code, if you supply them with the radio serial #. You will however have to remove the radio to see the serial #. I would look everywhere for that code before going to that trouble. It is a 5 digit code.

What is the radio color code for a Chevy 95 cavalier factory wire harness?

Can the headlight on a 92-95 Honda Civic fit on the 95-98 Odyssey?

NO. It will not.

Would a 1999 civic si coupes' door fit on a 1993 civic si Hatchback?

No. 92-95 only. the 99 civic is a totally different body style than the 92-95.

How do you check the code of a check engine light on a 95 Honda civic?

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

Will a 92-95 Honda Civic coupe fender fit a 92-95 Honda Civic hatchback?

Yes front end on a coupe and hatchback are the same

What is the unlock code on a 95 vw cabrio radio?

call the dealer they can give it to you or may charge a small fee

Will 2004 Honda Civic exhaust fit on 95 Honda Civic?

No, not all parts will fit.

Will 90-93 integra coilovers fit 92-95 civic 4 dr?

There are 92-95 Honda Civic coil over kits for sale @