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The overdrive light blinks when the computer senses a transmission problem. (IE. Torque Converter failure) The reason it feels like it downshifts is due to the computer putting the transmission into a fail-safe mode to reduce further transmission damage.

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Q: What is the reason the overdrive light blinks and why does it feel like it down shifts when it goes on?
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Your overdrive light blinks when your ford F-150 shifts into third gear and stays on why is this?

The reason your OD lite blinks and stays on means that your transmission control module has detected a problem such as a possible slipping clutch during a shift point you will need to have the vehicle scanned for codes and further repair

What does an overdrive blinking light mean on 1999 ford explorer?

When the overdrive light blinks that means a malfunction has been detected - get it checked out

2003 Mercury Mountaineer check engine light and overdrive light?

my check engine light stays on and the o/d light blinks....what could this mean?

What does it mean when the overdrive off light blinks for a 2002 Ford Explorer xlt 4wd?

A malfunction has been detected

Ford expedition overdrive light flashes?

There may be a reason why a Ford Expedition's overdrive light is flashing. Check the manual to see if there is a reason. If not, take your Ford to a mechanic.

What does it mean when the overdrive off light blinks for a 1995 Ford Explorer 4wd?

The transmission has set a code and you need to get it checked.

Why is my overdrive light blinking off in a 2002 f-150 xlt?

overdrive light blinks when there is a problem in the transmission. take it to a good transmission repairer, as soon as you can to be fixed, or it will leave you broke down on the road somewhere

1994 ford f350 overdrive light flashes and transmission shifts hard?

Mine has the same problem. The transmission guy said not to worry about it.

Why is my car getting hot were my shifts are od light is on but my od is off what does that mean?

od light is the overdrive unit on the transmission. If you drive on the freeway you should have the overdrive unit on, on the streets the unit should be off. The light usually doesn't have anything to do with overheating. I would look for some other issue.

How should the overdrive light look when its on lincoln navigator?

Overdrive is the normally allowed position so you don't see the light on If you turn OFF the overdrive , the overdrive off light will light up or if there is a problem the overdrive off light will flash

2001 ford expedition overdrive light should it be on while driving or off?

Normally the overdrive is allowed , so the overdrive OFF light does not light up When the overdrive is switched off , the overdrive OFF light will light up to let you know that the overdrive has been switched off

Overdrive light stays on in ford excursion?

overdrive light keeps flashing

Is the overdrive on when the dashlight is on or off on a 1996 ford windstar?

The overdrive is "ON" when the light is "OFF". Notice the light for the overdrive has a slash through it.

Is light on or off on dash board when overdrive switched on?

The overdrive light will be off when the overdrive switch is pushed in. If the light flashes then that's a trouble shooting code.

What does it mean when the overdrive light in a 2003 expedition stays on or blinks?

The transmission may be damaged. My wife and I had an Explorer and it did the exact same thing, and shortly after the transmission went out. Have it checked out at a reputable shop or dealer.

What do I do about my Mercury Mountaineer that has 58000 miles the overdrive light blinks and will not go off and the check transmission light stays on?

That happen to me when I had a transmission problem on my 2002. You need to goto the dealer. Are you having problems with hard shifting? email me offline

How do you turn on the overdrive on a 99 Camry?

keep the overdrive shaft button pressed, there is a panel light called "O/D" that should light indicating the overdrive is OFF. In that case make sure the light is OFF which means overdrive is ON.

What could be wrong if the check engine light blinks?

get it checked, because if the ligt blinks, something is wrong.

Why does check engine light blinks 9 times?

It is important to know why a Check engine light blinks. In many cars, when it blinks so many times, it is indicating a code, which is indicating the problem number for the specific car.

In a 92 dodge ram 350 van does a lit overdrive mean that it is in overdrive or that it is not in overdrive?

Light being on means overdrive is inactive

What would cause the overdrive light to flash on a ford expedition?

if you have overdrive in that car it means that your about to go into overdrive

What does it means when your serviceengine light blinks and than stop blinking?

My light usually blinks when I start the car and then stops later on, I usually take it in when the light is solid. You should check your owner's manual if you are concerned.

How do you make light blinks when door open?


How do you tell when overdrive is on on a 1992 Lexus SC400?

There should be a light that indicates when your o/d is on. If the light doesn't work, then try to pay attention to how many times your car shifts when you're going 20 mph. It should shift twice. If not, then it is off.

Overdrives's off light mean overdrives is on or off?

If the overdrive's off light is on that means it's off. If it is off then the overdrive is on.