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What is the relationship between a dolphin and a shark?

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The relationship between sharks and dolphins reportedly has two

sides. On the one hand, they can live and hunt together peacefully.

On the other hand, sometimes sharks attack lonely dolphins and

sometimes dolphins in a group attack sharks. With their hard and

pointed head, the dolphins ram into the smooth belly or the gills

of the shark and hurt it. The shark can die because of these


Many cases of dolphins protecting humans from shark attacks have

been documented, such as an attack on a surfer in northern

California in August 2007. It was also documented off the coast of

New Zealand in 2004. Typically, dolphins form a ring around humans

who are injured. However, in spite of years of scientific study,

there has been no conclusive explanation given for this behavior;

as mentioned in the Journal of Zoology, "The importance of

interactions between sharks and cetaceans has been a subject of

much conjecture, but few studies have addressed these

interactions". In some cases, sharks have been seen attacking, or

trying to attack dolphins. It is known that when dolphins are seen,

sharks are usually nearby. As stated by ISAF: "Remember that

sightings of porpoises do not indicate the absence of sharks ---

both eat the same food". PIGS CAN FLY

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