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What is the relationship between a dolphin and a shark?

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The relationship between sharks and dolphins reportedly has two sides. On the one hand, they can live and hunt together peacefully. On the other hand, sometimes sharks attack lonely dolphins and sometimes dolphins in a group attack sharks. With their hard and pointed head, the dolphins ram into the smooth belly or the gills of the shark and hurt it. The shark can die because of these injuries.

Many cases of dolphins protecting humans from shark attacks have been documented, such as an attack on a surfer in northern California in August 2007. It was also documented off the coast of New Zealand in 2004. Typically, dolphins form a ring around humans who are injured. However, in spite of years of scientific study, there has been no conclusive explanation given for this behavior; as mentioned in the Journal of zoology, "The importance of interactions between sharks and cetaceans has been a subject of much conjecture, but few studies have addressed these interactions". In some cases, sharks have been seen attacking, or trying to attack dolphins. It is known that when dolphins are seen, sharks are usually nearby. As stated by ISAF: "Remember that sightings of porpoises do not indicate the absence of sharks --- both eat the same food". PIGS CAN FLY

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What is the difference between a dolphin and a shark?

A dolphin is a mammal and breaths air, a shark is a fish and has gills.

What is the difference between a great white shark and a bottlenose dolphin?

a great white shark is a fish and a bottle nose dolphin is not

What are the main similarities between a Shark and a dolphin?

The only similarity is that both live in the water. A shark is a fish, while the dolphin is a mammal.

Which is bigger between shark and dolphin?

Some sharks can get a lot bigger then any dolphin.

Shark is to fish dolphin is to what?

Shark is to fish dolphin is to mammal.

What is the symbiotic relationship between a shark and a fish?

The relationship between the shark and the fish is that the shark is bigger, faster, and stronger, and the fish is inferior to the shark. The shark will always win and eat the fish.

Dolphin v shark?


What is the difference between a shark and dolphin?

Dolphins are mammals and sharks are fish.

Can a shark kill a dolphin?

yes a shark can eat a dolphin . dolphins are a sharks prey.

Can there be a dolphin shark?

No! A dolphin is a mammal, a shark is a fish - never the twain shall meet!

What is longer a shark or dolphin?

Well, first of all it depends on what kind the dolphin or shark is.....

What is a predator to a dolphin?

a predator to a dolphin is a shark

What is more faster a shark or a dolphin?


What is the difference between a tail of a shark and a tail of a dolphin?

the tail of a shark moves side to side (left to right) and a dolphin tail moves up and down to swin to the surface to get in AIR

Is a dolphin a shark?

Definitely no. A dolphin is a marine mammal ( they breath air ) a shark is a fish they have gills.

How do you tell a shark from a dolphin?

Shark are fish and breath water Dolphin are mammals and breath air.

Is it true that the hammerhead shark doesn't kill a dolphin because a hurd of dolphin can hurt it or kill it?

when a dolphin is alone it can be killed by sharks but when dolphins are moving in packs they can kill the hammerhead shark. A dolphin can poke at a hammerhead shark so that the shark flips into the air. Then the dolphin calls his friends, and they poke the hammerhead to death.

Is a group of dolphin stronger then a shark?

it depends which shark is it

Who would win a fight a dolphin or a shark?

If a dolphin is fightin one-on-one then the shark would win. If in agroup then the dolphin would probs win.

What are the special characteristics of a dolphin?

The special characteristic of a dolphin is the dolphin or dolphins know the weakness of shark. Known as their worst predator! If a shark and a dolphin were to get into a territorial diagrement or a fight then the dolphin would definitly win by using it's nose to puncture the gills of the shark or use it's nose to jab the eyes to make them not be able to see the dolphin! There for the shark will swim away or die possibly and the dolphin would win!

What is the antonym of dolphin?


What is the opposite of a shark?


Who would win a fight - a dolphin or a shark?

A shark

How would win if a dolphin v a shark?

obviously a shark the dolphin is just gonna sit their and scream while the shark kills its prey Anthony J.Suero

Which is a better pet a dolphin or a shark?

It is possible to have a nice friendship with a dolphin. They make nice pets. Better than a shark!!!!