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What is the route for a serpentine belt on a 1988 Celebrity?


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2004-08-24 10:20:21
2004-08-24 10:20:21

It should be on the fan shroud. If it isn't it is in the owners manual. If you don't have one I suggest you go to a used car lot with a car like yours and draw your schematic


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Routing of the serpentine belt depends on which engine your car has as well as whether or not the car has air conditioning. There should be a routing diagram under the hood of the car.

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To replace the serpentine belt on a 1988 Celebrity: 1. There should be a routing diagram in the engine compartment. If there is no routing diagram take careful note of how the belt to be replaced is routed. 2. Use a suitable tool to release the belt tensioner, then slide the belt off of the idler pulley and then off of the other pulleys. 3. Route the new belt on all the pulleys to the tensioner. 4. Release the tensioner and slide the belt over the idler pulley.

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