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Sport Light.
On the bright side, the fact the "S" indicator light came on indicates it is an electrical problem rather than a mechanical one.

When the A/T control unit senses an abnormality in the input or output systems, the "S" indicator light in the gauge assembly will blink. However, when the Service Check Connector, located to the lower right of the glove compartment, is connected with a jumper wire, the "S" indicator light will blink the problem code when the ignition switch is turned on.

When the "S" indicator light has been reported on, connect the two terminals of the Service Check Connector together. Then turn on the ignition switch and observe the "S" indicator light.

Problem codes 1 through 9 are indicated by individual short blinks, Problem codes 10 through 15 are indicated by a series of long and short blinks. One long blink equals 10 short blinks. Add the long and short blinks together to determine the problem code. Let me know what code you get and I can tell you what it means.

If you don't think you can perform the self-diagnostics yourself, then I would recommend taking it to a Honda Dealer and let them diagnose and repair the problem.

There is a Technical Bulletin issued by Honda that may apply to your vehicle as well. Technical Bulletin #:289
Transmission: PX4B
Subject: Wrong Gear Starts
Application: Honda, Accord
Date: Jan 1995
Honda Accord PX4B Wrong Gear Starts

  • Starts in 3rd or 4th gear
  • "S" light on, but not blinking
  • No codes in computer (A/T control unit)
  • Shifter interlock control unit buzzing

Check to see if your vehicle falls into any of these ranges: U.S. Built 2 Dr Models up to VIN 1HGCB72 _ LA039050 U.S. Built 4 Dr Models up to VIN 1HGCB76 _ LA121350 Japan Built 2 Dr Models up to VIN JHMCB76 _ LC104599

If it does, there is a modified Transmission Control Unit (TCM) that will fix the problem. A Honda Dealer will be able to fix you up with the correct TCM.

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Q: What is the s light on the 1990 Honda Accord lx?
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