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The spacing of pipes and electrical from wall board or plaster is intended to protect them from damage. Using this logic, you should always place the pipes and conductors deep enough into the wall and away from the outside of the wall to keep them from getting hit with the fasteners that you will be using to attach exterior and interior wall finishes. In the United States we use the International Codes more than any other. For homes we use the IRC (International Residential Code). I suggest that you contact you local building department there and ask them what the code requires in your area. Remember what you are trying to accomplish and that the code is just a minimum. If I know that I am using plastic pipe and 10P nails to add OSB and screws to attach drywall to a sheer wall, I would be careful to add nail plates to keep the pipes protected. If in the other hand I where using steel pipe and staples to attach paneling, I would have no problem with 1 inch or less of wood without nail plates as there is little to no chance of the staples penetrating the steel pipe. As always check the local building regulations and manufacturers instructions. Hope this helps! Maintain

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Q: What is the set distance water pipes and plaster board should be away from each other in houses that are covered by Australian standards?
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