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What is the shifting pattern on a Honda Goldwing?


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One down, four up. Ben.


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One can purchase a used Honda Goldwing 1500 by going to the Goldwing Facts website. The website has information about Honda Goldwing 1500s, including how to purchase one.

The 1979 Honda Goldwing horsepower is listed as 79 horsepower.

The first Honda 1000 Goldwing was released in 1975.

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Honda is the manufacturer for Goldwing motorcycles. Honda introduced the first Goldwing motorcycle in 1974, and it became very popular in North America, Europe, and Australia.

How would you change the headlight bulb in a 1987 Honda goldwing? GL1200

The Goldwing is produced in Marysville, OH. As far as I know it's the only Honda produced in the U.S.

The company that makes Goldwing motorcycles is Honda. The Honda Goldwing was first produced in 1974. The motorcycle was originally produced in the U.S. in Ohio and production moved to Japan in 2011.

what size is the original tires on a 1986 goldwing? what size is the original tires on a 1986 goldwing?

My owners manual for my 1984 Honda GoldWing says to use SAE 10W-40 Oil.

The '84 and '86 are the same. If you have the carb. version, why not. It's a manual cruise.

The Goldwing trike weighs 892 lbs or 404.6 kg.

Goldwing. It's a kind of bike Honda makes.

Goldwing motorcycles are a Honda product. They are sold at businesses who are licensed dealers of Honda. Check local and online listings for availability of for sale by owner.

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When trying to locate parts for a Honda Goldwing then it may be possible to locate the required parts from such websites as eBay, Bike Bandit or the Motorcycle Superstore.

Use Honda 10w40 and you will not go wrong.

There is no adjustment on a GL1500 clutch.

I have 1980 Honda Goldwing Interstate with 55,000 on the odometer. I average 45-48 MPG. Jerry Smith Washington Court House, Ohio

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