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Starter solenoid, typical position for Fomoco cars.

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Q: What is the solenoid that is right beside the battery and attached to the positive on the battery for?
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Where is the starter relay on a 1992 Cutlass Supreme?

GM usually uses a combination solenoid/switch/relay located beside the starter. One end engages the starter. The other end connects the battery to the starter motor.

You changed the battery in your 1989 crown Victoria and it wont start and wont make any noise at all?

First make sure that this battery has a charge. Check its volts. Then if the battery is good, make sure the conectionns are clean. Then clean the connection to the starter relay ( solenoid ) just beside the battery. Then if needed, clean the conx. at the starter. If all the conx. are good, and still no start, jump the positive battery conx. at the starter relay to one of the small plug in conx. If the starter engages, then possible bad ign. switch. Hope something works. Good luck.

How do you turn computer power off when your battery is fully charged beside unplugging it?

Take the battery out.

Where is the computer on 1993 dodge shadow?

Beside the battery.......cant miss it!

Where is main fuse for 1100 goldwing?

Should be just beside the battery.

Where is the switch in the trunk of a Buick century?

Under the hood beside the battery.

Where does the battery locking block go in order to hold the battery in place on a 97 Grand Prix GT?

Should go down beside battery to wedge it into battery holder

Where is the computer of a 2003 silverado located?

It is beside the battery, but on the engine side just below the battery. It is inside of a plastic box.

Where is the bodycontrolmodule located on a 2005 silverado?

It is right beside the battery, engine side of the battery. It is in a black plastic box just inches under the side of the battery.

Where is the main fuse located on 1986 Honda CRX?

Should be beside the battery.

Where is fan relay located on a 90 festiva?

beside battery in engine compartment

Where is the heater fuse 06 punto?

Beside the battery fuse number 2

Where is the battery ground location on a 88 fiero gt?

It is normally attached to one of the 15 mm head bolts holding the ac compressor bracket or the equivalent on the passenger side of the engine. The smaller wire usually attaches to the body either at the deck lid hinge or directly to the sheet metal beside the battery.

Which fuse on a 2004 Nissan Sentra controls the headlights?

its in the engine carpartment beside the battery

Where is the car battery located on a 2001 Lincoln ls?

In the trunk beside the spare tire

Where is the starter relay for a 1993 Mercury Topaz?

Beside battery along inner fender.

Where is the computer located on 98 Plymouth Voyager?

In the front driver side beside the battery .

Where is the ECU unit located on Renault megane 1.9dci?

beside battery engine bay

99 zx2 where the shift solenoid?

its beside the shifter under the console. if your car is stuck in park, take off the console, and pull the shift solenoid out or engage it and then zip tie it to a bracket that doesn't move. and it will work from now on.

Is there a symbol for a battery holder?

No, but there are symbols to use for batteries. For a single cell, that would be a small line centered over or beside a slightly longer line. The small line would be positive and the longer line would be negative. For multiple batteries or a battery containing multiple cells (like a 9v battery or car battery), the symbol would be similar, but with several stacks of alternating short and long lines.

Where is the battery on a Lincoln ls?

if your not sure where the battery is please take it to the local auto store and ask them if they can show you, they'll be happy to. ======================================================== On a Lincoln LS , the battery is in the trunk beside the spare tire

Where is battery for 2005 cobalt?

The battery for a 2005 Chevy Cobalt is located in the trunk. It can be found in a compartment beside the spare tire on the driver's side of the trunk.

How do you find auxiliary battery form ml 350?

It is under the drivers seat (UK) spec Mercedes ML (W164)It is beside the main battery

Where is the fuse box on a 2006 Suzuki GSXR 600?

Under the main seat beside the battery.

Where is the ford e350 ignition module located?

Just beside the battery, bolted to a large finned alloy heat sink. Much easier to get at with the battery removed.