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What is the spark plug gap for a 99 Alero four cylinder?


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2006-01-06 15:20:08
2006-01-06 15:20:08

Open the hood, look on the cowl. There should be a sticker there with the engine size and the spark plug gap, among other info. Auto Zone told me last night for the 4 cylinder 2000 Alero it is a .50 gap...


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6 spark plugs 1 spark plug to every cylinder.

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Generally there is one spark plug per cylinder.

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Check your spark plug connections and spark plugs. If necessary, replace them.

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there is a spark plug for every cylinder so there are four spark plugs 14 or 16 gauges

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on my 2002 alero I havw the 2.2 4cylinder ecotec engine, on the intake there is a cover that says 2.2, remove the four bolts and the plugs are down in the little cylinder holes mine require a 5/8 spark plug socket and you will also need an extension.

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