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What is the spark plug gap for a Mazda B-2200?


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2004-12-30 10:07:03
2004-12-30 10:07:03

Look in your owners manual or under the hood, where you will find a placard listing the gap.


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Answer.031 is the spark plug gap for the b2200. I do know this for fact I bought my 1987 b2200 new,I def know this to be correct after 22yrs of ownership.

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0.031 thousandths. or just 31 plain and simple.

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Checked my '90 B2200 owner's manual and it sez: Carb: 0.031" (+/- 0.002) Fuel injected: 0.043" (0.004)

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It is important to remember the spark plug gap when changing the spark plugs of a vehicle. A 1998 Mazda B2500 has a spark plug gap of 0.042 to 0.046 inches.

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The spark plug gap on a 1997 Mazda Rustler 160i should be set at .044 inches. This is one of the most common spark plug gap settings.

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