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What is the statue of limitations for a suspended driver's license in California?


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No such thing. Once the license is suspended, it no longer exists. You'll need to appeal to the court or see whatever other actions are necessary to get a license. A good place to start may be the local drivers license testing office. See what they suggest. They can look up your record and tell you what will be necessary to get another license. After (if) you get your license back, make sure you obey all traffic laws and you'll never have the problem again. * A license is suspended for whatever period of time that was imposed by the judge of the court of jurisdiction. A suspended license is not a revoked license and in most states the person will be notifed when the imposed suspension time has expired and given the information of the procedure needed to have their driving privileges reinstated. A revoked license can be permanent or for a lengthy period of time. If it has been revoked for a stated period of time, rather than permanently the offender will be required to take (and of course pass) the written and the road test to acquire a new license. Questions concerning either action should be addressed to the office of the clerk of the court where the license was suspended or revoked.