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As is common with symbols, it can vary greatly from one culture to the next. The Chinese culture is well known for their symbols of prosperity. They have a written symbol that is more commonly used. They also represent prosperity with a golden dragon or with a pair of fish called yu. See the related links for some examples.

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Q: What is the symbol for loyalty in renaissance paintings?
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Paintings of renaissance are mor what?

The paintings of renaissance are more of the classical painting.

In what way did Northern renaissance paintings differ from Italian renaissance paintings?


What symbol represents loyalty?

Several symbols represent loyalty, including hearts, doves, and gold rings. They zodiac symbol of Leo represents loyalty as does the Chinese zodiac symbol of the dog. The Claddagh is symbol of loyalty.

What type of paintings did the renaissance do?

i do not know but i think its oil paintings

In what way did early northern Renaissance paintings differ from Italian Renaissance paintings?

Size They were done on a smaller scale

How do Renaissance and medieval paintings of religious subjects differ?

Renaissance paintings show figures in earthly settings; figures in medieval paintings have heavenly gold backgrounds.

What is a symbol that represents loyalty?

The most common symbol for loyalty and honor is the magestic bird, the crane.

How did Raphael sanzio influence the Renaissance?

He influenced the Renaissance by his awesome paintings.

In what way did northern renaissance paintings differ from Italian renaissance paintingss differ from Italian renaissance?


What tattoo symbol means loyalty?

You can put Loyalty in Japanese or Chinese or some other language but that's about it. There is a Tattoo Symbol for Life, Love and Loyalty but currently no known official tattoo symbol for just loyalty all by its self. So just make up your own, when people ask "What does that symbol mean" than you can just tell them it means loyalty. Most often Loyalty can depicted by a lion.

In contrast with medieval paintings renaissance paintings are less likely to emphasize what?

religious themes

What was Titians Role in the Renaissance?

titians role in the renaissance is that he created very important paintings

Which is a key feature of Renaissance paintings?

A key feature of Renaissance painting is that they have perspective and depth.

What happened when Renaissance artists started using perspective in their paintings?

It allowed for more realistic paintings.

What happens when Renaissance artists started using perspective in their paintings?

It allowed for more realistic paintings.

How can you symbolize loyalty in a picture?

You might symbolize loyalty in a picture by photographing a young boy with his dog. The dog has long been a symbol of loyalty in literature and in art. The Irish Claddagh ring is also a symbol of loyalty that can be shown in a picture.

How did humanism influence Renaissance paintings?

because they were black

Leonardo made to the Renaissance?

Leonardo was part of the Renaissance, so his paintings and inventions added to this period.

What is the symbol for Cushing Renaissance Fund - The - in the NYSE?

The symbol for Cushing Renaissance Fund (The) in the NYSE is: SZC.

How did early renaissance paintings differ from middle ages paintings?

perspective instead of only two dimensional

Where there any Venus fly traps in the renaissance period Were they in any paintings?

no there were no venus fly traps. but there where paintings.

What is the Korean symbol for loyalty?

The white flag

How does Michelangelo's paintings represent the Renaissance?

They represent the highest sophistication of the High Renaissance. They also show that people of the Renaissance have improved when painting perspective.

Which of these Northern Renaissance artists did not use perpective in his paintings?


What Northern Renaissance artists did not use perspective in his paintings?