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What is the symbolism of a anklet?

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βˆ™ 2011-04-03 18:15:33

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1. Interest in your happiness.

2. Interest in improving their image.

3. Interest in improving your image.

4. Interest in improving your image as a serious couple.

5. Some women prefer sexual conquest and this is a signature of women who either married or not want to bring home multiple male partners. god bless em

The symbolism depends on who's wearing them and who's looking at them. They could mean absolutely anything. I wear them simply because I like wearing them, I love the way they look and feel on me.

2011-04-03 18:15:33
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Q: What is the symbolism of a anklet?
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What is the symbolism of a anklet on the left or right?

There is no specific symbolism behind someone wearing an anklet on the left or right ankle. Most people wear it on their right ankle because they are right handed. But in India, most of the women wear them on both of their ankles.

What is an anklet?

An anklet is a piece of jewellery resembling a bracelet, but worn around the ankle.

When did Operation Anklet happen?

Operation Anklet happened on 1941-12-27.

Which knot can you use to tie an anklet?

A beautiful knot that can be used for an anklet, and it can be made from gold chain, is a 3 to 6 strand Turk's Head. As an anklet, the ends must be fused when it is completed.

Is it ok for a male to wear an anklet?

Yes, Its absolutely fine to wear an Anklet. Looks very beautiful.

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What does it mean if a guy has an anklet on his left leg?

It means he likes to wear an anklet on his left leg. Nothing more.

Where does a single Hawaiian woman wear an anklet?

An anklet worn on the right ankle might indicate that the woman is single.

Is it okay for women 60-70 to wear a anklet?

In my opinion, anyone at any age can wear an anklet!

How does the thron anklet help in Sonic and the Black Knight?

The thorn anklet has no good use. All it does is reduce proficiency.

What is the Meaning of anklet on left ankle?

if u put an anklet at the left ankle it means u are single and your heart is not taken

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Do you were an anklet in the shower?

It doesnt matter

What is the meaning of the name payal?

What is the meaning of payal In Hindi the WORD payal means anklet like a punjeba (another anklet) ~Bestesy1

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anklet, armband,

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for clothing: anklet?

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Where did the anklet originate?

The anklets originated from India.

What is an inexpensive gift that begins with A?

· anklet · apron

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What does it mean when you put a bracelet on your foot?

It is an anklet

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