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I think its the relay. I have just been given a 96 countour with the same problem. Follow the noise under the dash or in the steering column. Be careful working around air bag system or hire the repair. Check out the electrical schematics from a chiltons manual. I wont attempt the repair until i reseach the need for disarming the bags and see if there is anything else on the circuit that would cause the problem. Also, depending on the make/model, it could be within the switch itself. I own a 2001 Pontiac Grand AM, and there is no relay. The ticking happens right at the hazard/turn lamp switch on the dash. That switch could be a costly little piece, though. Mine was $50 CDN, and it still didn't solve the problem. I was told to check all the signal bulbs and try replacing any that aren't working. Sorry I couldn't be of any more help!

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โˆ™ 2005-06-21 19:00:19
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Q: What is the ticking sound from the turn signal after you have made a turn and the signal is no longer blinking?
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Why does a 1998 Ford Escort have a Ticking sound under dash?

Could be a bad turn signal flasher

Why is there a ticking sound when turning?

that would be the car indicator signal! that tells other drivers which direction your turning!

Ticking sound in motor?

The most likely cause of a ticking sound in a motor is a bad timing belt. A valve out of time can also cause a ticking sound.

What is that ticking sound under your dash board?

the ticking is the blinkers

Is it safe to drive when brakes make ticking sound?

Get your brakes tested. I do not know what a ticking sound means.

Why does your 2000 Chevy cavalier z24 have a ticking sound?

If the ticking sounds like a "normal" ticking, it is probably the fuel injectors.

Ticking sound from dash?

turn your blinker of

What does it mean hear the ticking of the clock?

It means that your clock is working. Also the sound is the seconds hand ticking

I have a 1998 olds cutlass and it's leaking cooling and have a ticking sound?

I have a 1998 olds cutlass and it is leaking cooling and have a bad ticking sound what do you think I should do.

If a Pontiac Sunfire is making a ticking sound is it due to not changing the oil?

Sometimes a ticking sound is a valve lifter. The faster you go the faster the ticking will be. Make sure first it is not something stuck in a tire or something on the fan belt.

Is slight ticking idle normal for Honda civic?

That slight ticking sound is probably the injectors firing which is normal.

Why would a 2001 Buick Century have a ticking sound that is only noticeable when the car is idling?

A ticking or clicking sound is probably lifter noise, the valves need adjusting

Your 1998 Honda Accord is making a steady ticking noise that sounds like the clicking of a computer mouse and coming from near steering wheel Noise slows down to normal turn signal sound when signal o?

cv joint problem.

What is the Ticking sound upon acceleration and idle in my 2005 Toyota Corolla?

Ticking on acceleration is usually the ignition timing, get it tuned..

Why does your car make a ticking sound when turn on the engine?

The tinking sound if it is a light sound is probably the fuel injectors working which is normal but I would check the oil level and make sure it is full first it could be lifters ticking or clattering.

Why is my usb sound adapter blinking red?

A blinking red light is the adapter's way of informing you of a low battery.

Why does your equinox make a ticking soung when you crank it?

If it makes the ticking sound and the engine will not crank, then either your battery is dead or the starter solenoid is shot.

What causes a ticking sound on a Honda CR125?

you need to adjust the valves

What was the sound that Captain Hook feared the most?

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What causes ticking sound in a 1997 dodge ram engine?

Normally loose tappets will cause a ticking sound in the engine. Depending on if you have mechanical or hydraulic tappets you may need to have them replaced or simply adjusted.

1998 GMC Jimmy There is a constant ticking sound sounds like the turn signal but it's not on Which relay is it?

it is behind the glove box, open the glove box, push the glove box catch up, and flip the compartment open, your combo relay is a black relay on the right side, that is where your ticking is coming from, bet thing you can try is to replace it. Mine does the same thing The problem is in the turn signal switch.

Your manual 2003 v6 Hyundai tiberon has a ticking in the back of the engine what would cause it?

Its possible that this ticking sound is caused from driving fast for prolong periods. Its possible that its not the engine that is making the sound, but the exhaust system somewhere. I hear a ticking sound if I drive over 140KMh for long periods. It always stops once the car cools. I hopes this helps.

How loud is 15 decibels?

A sound at 15 decibels is not very load. It is equivalent to the sound that watch makes when ticking.

If a Chrysler 300 is making a ticking sound is it due to not changing the oil?

That is possible.

Why is your car making a ticking sound?

the pullee to any belt could be bent