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What is the torque and torque sequence for the head and rocker arm assembly of a 1986 Chevy Celebrity 2.5L?


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2008-01-19 16:16:56
2008-01-19 16:16:56

you torque the head bolts to 18ft-lbs start in the middle and work toward the outer bolts then reset the torque wrench to 26 ft-lbs and follow the same but as they hit 26 go 1 quarter turn on each bolt This torque sequence for 1986 and 1987 2.5's from the Haynes manual is:

Step 1, 18 ft lbs.

Step 2, All but bolt 9 22 ft lbs, bolt 9 29 ft lbs.

Step 3, all but bolt 9 turn an additional 120 degrees, bolt 9 turn an additional 90 degrees.

Bolt 9, when the engine is in the car is the front most bolt on the passenger side.


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There is no torque sequence just torque rocker arm studs to the proper torque

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Rocker assembly 135ftlbs rocker box or housing is 35ftlbs

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The rocker torque sequence is 10 6 3 9 15 11 4 1 7 13 16 12 5 2 8 14 THE TORQUE IS 16FT/LB BUT ONLY 9FT/LB FOR THE LITTLE ONES AT THE DISTRIBUTOR

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With the valve fully closed and the lifter fully at the down position, tighten the adjusting nut until there is no up and down travel in the push rod. Then tighten the adjusting nut 1/4 turn. This is only if you have hydraulic lifters. Tighten the rocker studs to 50 ft/lb of torque. These are the bolts holding the rocker assembly in place.

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I would recommend that you consult a repair manual for torque values as well as tightening sequence

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