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115 - 125

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Q: What is the torque spec for a 2.5 Mitsubishi head gasket?
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What is the torque spec for valve covers of a 2.5L Mitsubishi?

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Head bolt torque spec gm 3.1?

what is head bolt torque spec gm 3.1

What is the torque spec for the cylinder head on a 2003 Saturn L300?

what the torque spec for the cylinder head on a 2003 saturn L300

What is the torque spec for 1500 silverado Chevy pickup 2000 head bolts?

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Do you need to start the engine to seat the new head gasket?

Most head gaskets are considered no re-torque. Meaning once torqued to spec that's it. However, I do know some guys that torque it and while on the engine stand will wait a day and re-torque. Not really necessary if you use a good no re-torque head gasket.

1997 Honda cr 125 jug torque spec?

the torque spec for a 1997 cr125 cylinder head is 20ft pounds of torque.

Can you damage a 3.8 Ford head by overtightning head bolts?

Yes, Only to factory spec's. Use a torque wrench, and follow factory torque spec's

Head bolt torque spec for Mitsubishi mirage?

The torque settings you need are 1992-95 Mirage up-to May 1995 4G1 / 1.5L 53 ft/lbs (73 Nm)

What is the torque spec for a 2.6 Mitsubishi head gasket?

Mitsubishi torque spec for the 2.0 and 2.6 head bolts are 65 to 72 foot pounds cold. Step one - all bolts to 15 lbs. Step two - all bolts to 30 lbs. Step three all bolts to final torque, used head bolts 65 lbs (not recommend re-using these kind of bolts), new bolts 70 to 72 is perfect! Bolt sequence, start with the center two bolts and work your way out. If you are not familiar with standard head bolt tightening sequences it would be a good idea to have a trained tech do the work.

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