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5000 lbs

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โˆ™ 2008-08-06 00:14:16
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Q: What is the tow capacity of a 1999 ford explorer 4 door 2 wheel drive?
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Is a 1999 ford explorer rear wheel drive?

rear wheel drive or 4 wheel drive capable

1999 explorer xlt have automatic four wheel drive?

The control trac four wheel drive system has auto , high , and low settings on the 1999 Ford Explorer

Does the 1999 ford explorer have front wheel drive?

No, the explorers prior to 2011 were either rear or four wheel drive

What is the gas tank capacity for a 1999 Chevy Blazer?

I have an 1999 Chevrolet Blazer with 4 wheel drive, and it has about a 12-gallon tank.

Is 300m front or rear wheel drive?

Front Wheel Drive. Front wheel drive on 1999

What is the mpg on a 1999 v8 5.0 Ford Explorer?

According to www . fuel economy . gov ( no spaces ) For a 1999 Ford Explorer with the 5.0 liter V8 engine ( miles per U.S. gallon ) Two wheel drive ( 13 city / 18 highway ) All wheel drive ( 13 city / 17 highway )

Is a 1999 Mercury Cougar FRONT wheel drive?

Yes , the 1999 Mercury Cougar is FRONT wheel drive

Is 1999 Lincoln Continental front wheel drive?

( yes ) a 1999 Lincoln Continental is front wheel drive

Is a 1999 mercury tracer rear or front wheel drive?

A 1999 Mercury Tracer is a front wheel drive vehicle

Is a 1999 vw beetle front wheel drive?

( Yes ) the 1999 Volkswagen new beetle is a front wheel drive vehicle

What makes the four wheel drive light blink while driving on a 1999 Ford Explorer?

Mine is doing the same thing. I need an answer to this too.

Is 1999 Chrysler 300 front wheel drive?

Yes , it's front wheel drive

Is a 2-wheel drive 1999 ford ranger front wheel dr?

No , it's rear wheel drive

How do you disconnect the 4 wheel drive on a 1999 Mercury mountaineer?

You can't disconnect the 4-wheel drive. The Mountaineer is a ALL WHEEL DRIVE S.U.V.

Is the 1999 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer a front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

rear wheel drive ( and if equipped 4x4 capable )

Does 1999 ford ranger have front wheel drive?

no , it's rear wheel drive or 4X4 capable

Is the 1999 Ford Windstar Front wheel drive?

YES , the Ford Windstar is a front wheel drive vehicle

Is a 1999 Toyota 4runner rear wheel or front wheel drive?

4 runner means four wheel drive. If the 4runner is only two wheel drive or the 4 wheel drive is not engaged, the rear wheels power the vehicle.

What is the towing capacity or a 1999 k1500 Chevrolet with fifth wheel?

The towing capacity of a 1999 Chevrolet K1500 with a fifth wheel is 8,500 pounds. This allows the vehicle to carry large trailers and boats safely.

Is the 1999 sportage rear wheel drive?


Is a 1999 Acura RL rear wheel drive?


Does the mercury cougar have front wheel drive?

On a Mercury Cougar : ( 1999 to 2002 model years are front wheel drive ) Older model years are rear wheel drive

How can i tell if my 1999 explorer xlt has four wheel drive?

look for a botton on the rightside of the dashboard that says 4x4 or look under the front suspension and see if it has cv-joints.

Will 2003 Dodge Ram twenty inch rims fit a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500?

Thy will fit on a 1999 four wheel drive but not a two wheel drive.

How do you remove a drive shaft in 1999 Ford Taurus?

there is no drive shaft it's front wheel drive