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What is the transmission fluid capacity of a 2000 Grand Am V6 after i drop the pan and change the filter?


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2004-10-06 12:25:52
2004-10-06 12:25:52

Bottom Pan Removal: 6.5 L (6.9 qts) Complete Overhaul: 9.0 L (9.5 qts) Dry: 12.2 L (12.9 qts)


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what is the part no# for a replacement transmission filter, for a 2001 Pontiac gtp grand prix . Also how much transmission fluid does it take to change.thank you Tim

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To change the transmission filter on your vehicle you have to drop the transmission pan. Once you get it down you will see the filter. It comes out by pulling it down and twisting it a little.

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Remove transmission oil pan for access

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The transmission filter will be located inside the transmission. Their is no need to replace it if you flush it. A flush will clean everything and rinse the filter

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