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What is the unhealthiest junk you can eat?

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What is the unhealthiest food that you love to eat?

junk food is what i would say for everyone or chips just depends which junk it is

Should you eat pizza or pancakes?

whichever is unhealthiest

What is the unhealthiest fast food in the US?

burgerking and wendys and panda express don't eat there

What happens if you dont eat enough fruit or vegetables?

you'll be the unhealthiest person in the world

Is it healthy to eat junk foods?

no it is not healthy to eat junk foods

What is the unhealthiest food in america?

It's hard to determine exactly which one is the unhealthiest. Look at the added link for a list of the 100 unhealthiest foods.

Most unhealthiest country in the world?

The United Sates of America is the unhealthiest country in the world.

Why we shouldn't eat junk food?

We shouldn't eat junk food because it is bad for you

Why do people love to eat junk food?

People eat junk food if they want a snack.

Whats the unhealthiest food?

pretty much anything bad that you think of and whatever you think of is the unhealthiest food

How can you become fit but still eat junk food?

Exercise regularly and eat less junk food.

How many percent of the world eat junk food?

A lot about 80% of people eat junk food

Why eat junk food if it is bad for you?

People eat junk food because it is sweet. Junk food is so delicious and sweet I can't stop eating.

What is the unhealthiest sport?


Do people eat more junk food or healthy food?

junk.... not me

Slogan on avoid junk food?

"I don't eat junk foodsnd I don't think junk thoughts."

Can you eat junk with out your teeth rotting?

Yes, you can eat junk without your teeth rotting if you brush often and floss( but too much junk is not good either) XD

What is the unhealthiest food in the world?

well the healthyest food is Cherry Smoothie but i think the unhealthiest food is chocolate and sweets but i am not to sure

Do junk foods affect in pregnancy?

Yes it can. When pregnant it is important to eat health. You can eat junk food but not too much.

What percentage of people in the world eat junk food?

75% eat junk food, 50% are obese from it, 48% die from it.

Do caterpillars eat junk food?

only if you feed one junk food

What is the unhealthiest candy?

Captain Crunch. (It is a cereal, but most scientists categorize it as candy since it's so unhealthy for people to eat.)

If you eat junk food but workout can you still lose weight?

Yes, you can, provided the rest of what you eat is healthy and you don't eat too much junk food.

Should children eat junk food?

Well, it depends on if their health. If they are fat and overweighted, they should not eat junk food. If they are skinny, they can eat it, but not too much.

What cracker is the unhealthiest?

cheeze cracker