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Christopher Peterson, a native Utahn who is a University of Florida law professor and an expert on the high-credit industry, says states always imposed usury caps until recent decades - and Utah abolished its usury cap only in the early 1980s.

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Laws which establish legal ceilings on the interest rates charged for various types of loans.

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Q: What is the usury law?
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Are usury law a price ceiling or a price floor?

Usury law put a ceiling on interest rate

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What do usury laws lead to?

Usury laws lead to capping the interest rates that are charged by financial institutions. These law are aimed at regulating the high interests charged on credit facilities.

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A sentence with usury in it?

The Bible condems usury - the payment of interest on loans.

What is the Louisiana Usury Rate?

The current usury rate for the state of Louisiana is 12 percent, in September of 2014. The law in Louisiana states that the lending rate for personal loans cannot be more than 1 percentage point over the prime lending rate. It also states that the usury rate cannot fall below 7 percent.

What is usury laws?

Usury laws are laws that limit necssive on interest rates

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What is the Nevada usury rate?

Nevada has no usury limit (except with respect to pawn brokers)