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What is the value of a 1903 springfield armory rifle serial number 969018?

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2008-07-30 20:21:03

This serial number is from 1929. The rifles value depends on

many things..bore wear, muzzle wear, throat erosion, stock

condition, does it have any special paperwork as to previous

ownership, are all the numbers matching, is it a National Match

rifle and the list goes on from there. Market value on a post WW1

1903 Springfield will start at about $200.00 and go up from there.

Take it to a few local gun shops and ask them to give you an

aproximate valve on it. But don't let someone talk you out of it

until you are comfortable with the value of the rifle, some sell

for as much as $3500.00 if everything is in its favor. Rifles

manufactured prior to or during WW1 are of greater quality and

value and should bring $400 and up depending on condition and care

during the past 90+ years. If you think you have an heirloom,

disassemble and examine for rust, the worst enemy off firarms.

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