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Value of WWI Trench Knife
  • An earlier D knuckle guard style spike is currently bid at $160 as of 07 April 2005 on EBAY.
  • 1917 is the model designation. That knife was accepted by the Army in 1917. The M1917 Bayonet was made as late as the Vietnam era.
Beware of Imitations
  • A lot of newer knuckle knives are being sold as WWI originals, so be careful!

Probably nothing if it is a knock off, up to $300 if it is authentic. The brass knuckle ones are very common however, so I'm going to say an authentic one of those is worth a little lower than $200.

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Q: What is the value of a 1917 World War 1 trench knife with a brass knuckle handle and a metal sheath?
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Did somebody make a World War 1 or World War 2 brass knuckle trench knife with a detachable brass knuckles?

yes, 1918 LF&C mfg. trench knife. the handle can be removed but not recommended.

Did anybody make a WW1 or World War 2 brass knuckle trench knife with detachable brass knuckles?

yes, brass knuckle trench knife made by L&FC (I think) in the US. Knuckle knife dated 1918. Although knuckle portion was removable, it generally was not taken apart. It was carried in a scabbard made for the knife. It is a collectable item...............

What is the value of a 1918 World War 1 trench knife with brass knuckles and sheath marked US 1918?

The 1918 US trench knife is worth around $300 if it is original, and depending on the condition. Poor condition really brings down the value. Beware though, there are far more replica 1918 knuckle knifes in the world than originals, fake ones have very bright crome blades, and some have the brass handle cast too small. I have a fake in my collection because originals are too expensive. The original sheath is quality made, the repro ones are cheep and flimsy. A repro is worth about 15-25 bucks.

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