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What is the value of a MK1 No 4 Long Branch 303 1943 British Rifle?

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around $150-$200

1943 was the year of largest production of this rifle at Long Branch Arsenal, with in excess of 325,000 made. In 5 years of production , Long Branch made over 925,000 No. 4 Mk1* rifles, and about 15,000 of these were No. 4 Mk1's.

In good condition, without the large "billboard" import mark, between $200-$300.

In the UK £300 is a fair price!

Long Branch Arsenal was located just west of the city of Toronto, in Canada. They also made Bren, Sten, and Browning GPMG machine guns, as well as the Browning Hi Power 9mm semi auto pistol. The frist Browning 9 mm I was issued in the Canadian Forces, in 1970, was a Long Branch model, made for the Chinese Nationalist Army, in 1943, but never shipped to China. It had Chinese markings, as well as English markings.

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What type of bullets is used in MK1 No 4 long branch 303 1943 british rifle?

7.7x56R, more commonly sold as the .303 British.

What kind of ammunition for a 1943 Long Branch rifle?

If still in the original configuration, these were chambered for the .303 Enfield, aka .303 British.

What is the value of your british 1943 303 war rifle?

Between $100 and $400, depending on the exact model and most importantly, the condition.

What is the value of a 1943 303 british No 4 MK 1 long branch that's sporterized?

50-275 USD or so

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