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What is the value of and history of an 1895 30 40 KRAG?


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I'm going to assume that this firearm was made by Winchester and not one of the limited editions replicas made by Browning in the mid 1980's. These replicas and the late 90's Winchester remakes are very fine firearms they just do not have the collector value of the early Winchesters.

This rifle was a John Browning design and incorporated a box magazine as opposed to the standard tubular mag. seen on most lever action rifles. The rifle was designed with an eye on military contracts, which in the U. S. meant it had to use the then current 30 cal. army round (which we now refer to as the 30-40 Krag) which had a pointed bullet, hence the need for a box mag. With the exception of a very large Russian military order for their 7.62mm round the 30-40 was the was the most common caliber for this firearm. Production ended for this rifle (except for the above mentioned remakes) during the early 1930"s.

As with all firearms (especially collectable ones) condition and grade have a can have a major impact on value. Extras like extra finish, checkering, octagon barrel, and takedown capabilities can also have a major impact on value. A really top grade rifle with all the extras in 95% or better condition could probably bring close to $10,000 if you were to get serious collectors in a bidding war. A std. grade gun with no extras in 70% condition would probably net you $2000 to $3000 assuming you sell it yourself and not to a gun shop.


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The value of the 30-40 Krag Winchester gun model 1895 is determined by its condition. One in excellent condition sells for 1300.00 as of 2014.

What conflict's has the Springfield 30-40 Krag been involved in ?

As of 2014 the 30-40 Krag gun is valued around 1300.00. A guns value is determined by the market demand, rarity, and its condition.

Impossible to answer without an inspection of the rifle in person. Value of a collectable rifle is driven by the condition to a very large degree. It could range from $800 to $3000.

i have a 1896 30-40 krag can you send me some photos to compare mine with? Also how much is this rifle worth? I also have a Krag sn 22 1894. How much in good condition?

Continued through end of production in 1932.

Winchester did not make an 1895 in .308 Winchester Caliber. Marked 30 Army is 30-40 Krag Caliber. Marked 30 US is 30-40 Krag Caliber. Marked 30 Government is either 30-03 Caliber or 30-06 Caliber Marked 30 Government 03 is 30-03 Caliber Marked 30 Government 06 is 30-06 Caliber FYI: The 30-03 while practically unknown is the forerunner of the 30-06. It is identical to the 30-06 except it has a slightly longer case neck than the 30-06. Since the both cartridges headspace on the shoulder, it is safe to fire a 30-06 cartridge in a 30-03 marked rifle, but not the other way around.

$200 to $800, depending on exact model and condition

Correct spelling is Krag. 100-1000 USD or more depending on specifics

i nk that you are more likely to own a 30-40 krag which are fine rifles and worth 300-400$

30-40 Krag is a cartridge also called 30 Army. It uses a 30 caliber bullet and 40 grains of smokeless powder.

Value depends upon condition. I suggest you visit the 30 40 Krag forum and pose your questions to these experts. Good luck

depending on overall condition these rifle are valued at between 500-800 dollars.

If a sporter stock, about $400.00 Military style condition, if good, about $500-600.

I think you are referring to the 30-40 Krag (Krag-Jorgenson) rifle. It depends on the condition of course. Even a hacked up sporterized Krag can bring in $500-$800. NRA excellent can bring in the thousands. I would look at online gun auctions, under curio relic, so get an idea.

Go on line to Scan down the left hand side of the first page and click on US Krag 30 40. Then you can download a manual.

Do a google search for "30/40 Krag"

I just purchased a 30-40 KRAG Springfield, and payed $220.00 for it.. I researched it on-line before hand and saw them fairly close to the same condition as mine for $500.00 up to around $800.00. Took it to a local gun dealer and two of the employees there looked it over and said I had made a steal.... and that it was worth at least $500.00 maybe even more. The third guy looked at it and said it was only worth about $175.00.... as far as the value of a 30-40 KRAG.. depends on who you talk to. further research showed a value between $275.00 in poor condition ti $1750.00 in good.......

About $1,200.00 fitted and finished.

Answer (of sorts)Short answer? As much as a collector is willing to pay.30-40 Krag is the round, not the rifle. A 30-40 Krag round is worth about a buck.A 1898 Krag-Jorgenson came in two flavors: The rifle and the carbine. These, in excellent condition can go from to .Keep in mind, that mid-century, these were liquidated to just about anybody that wanted one. Some in never used condition. Many of these were "sporterized" for hunting. Which are you interested in?original condition

The Springfield 1898 is chambered for a .30-40 Krag

The service rifle of the US Army was the Krag-Jorgensen rifle, in .30-40 Krag, while the Spanish used the Mauser Model 1893, in 7x57. The M1995 Colt-Browning "Potato Digger", also in .30-40 Krag, was used by US forces, while the Spanish had the Maxim machine gun.

The US model 1898 Krag Jorgenson rifle was chambered for the 30-40 krag cartridge.These are still loaded by remington arms company.

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