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The light is the indicator for the coolant level. Check your coolant level. It also might light up because of a bad sensor. Hope this helps.

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Q: What is the warning light on the far left side of an 1986 supra for and what to do it looks like a birdcage?
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Icon symbols on dashboard of Toyota supra that looks like a Parthenon what does it stand for?

Its the coolant sensor, just fill it up. i assume you own an mk3, make the birdcage go away

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We have a 1987 Toyota supra the idiot light just went on- it is in the upper left and looks like a square with lines though it. Anyone know what this is?

That light is an indicator that your coolant is low, If the engine is cool, fill the tank to the cold mark, this should turn the light off.

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Why does the 1988 supra emergency brake light goes on and off when the emergency brake is down.?

SOUNDS LIKE A WARNING LIGHT TO ALERT YOU THAT YOUR EMERGENCY BRAKE IS STILL ON PERHAPS YOU NEED THECABLE ADJUSTED Check the brake light bulbs to see if any are burned out. On the 1983 it is linked to the brake fluid level.

How do you reset change oil warning on an 87 Toyota supra?

On the super monitor on dash hold right button to reset

What are the symptoms of a bad ECU for a 1988 turbo Supra 7MGTE?

When you turn the ignition on the CHECK ENGINE light will not light up at all.

1988 Toyota supra light on in dash that says check oil?

check the oil maybe?

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