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What is the wheel lug nut torque for an 89 Nissan 240sx?


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2005-11-28 18:10:09
2005-11-28 18:10:09

It should be around 80 lb/ft. To be sure look in your owner's manual or call a Nissan dealer. Do not over-torque or you will warp the rotors.


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if it is the 4 lug its a 4x114.3..... if it has been converted to 5 lug= 5x114.3

The lug nut size for a 240sx with a four lug pattern is 10x1.25. The lug nut size is 12x1,25

I believe for yours it is 5x114.3. As for the 1989-1996 240sx is a 15x6 wheel with 4x114.3 or as for the 1995-1696 240sx se is a 16x5.5 wheel with a 5x114.3. Reference:

what is the wheel lug nut torque for 2010 toyota highalnder

Wheel lug nut torque is 80 lb/ft.

4 Lug to 5 LugYou will just need the 5 lug rotors, and 5 lug Wheel hub's. They are both easy and pretty cheap to get from A) a junk yard if your lucky, B) your local Nissan dealership C) through a website that sells them.

240SX came with 2 different lug patterns. All 1989 to 1994 240sx came with a 4 lug 4x114.3 pattern. While the 1995-1998 240sx SE/LE's came with a 5 lug 5x114.3 pattern. Preferrably you'd want to find a wheel with less than +30 offset for 240SX's.

If you are asking about wheel lug nuts, it is 100 lb/ft.


For your 2006 BMW 330I: Wheel Stud Torque 72-87 Foot pounds (Final torque)

1997 Nissan Altima with the Automatic Transmission - has 4 lug nuts per wheel

Brake caliper bolts torque is 90ft-lbs. Wheel Lug Nut torque is 83ft-lbs. Brake caliper bolts torque is 90ft-lbs. Wheel Lug Nut torque is 83ft-lbs.

Check the manual, Wheel nut torque, N·m (kgf·m, ft·lbf): 102.9 (10.5, 76)

Lug nuts you will want to tighten by hand with a lug wrench, so you can get them off with a lug wrench on the side of the road.

Wheel nut torque is listed as 90Nm for the entire Forester range

You mean the lug nuts? 80 foot pounds if you mean that. Most Hondas are 80 for the wheel torque

Wheel bolt torque spec for that C230 is 80 ft lbs.

wheel lug nuts 100 ft lbs according to our Haynes Manual for a 2003 Grand Am page 1-2 under torque specifications

No need to recheck the torque on the wheel lug nuts of your automobile if they were installed correctly the first time. If you have aftermarket wheels, you should check them with in a hundred miles of instillation.

Lug nuts? 95-105 Ft. Lbs.

how much touque on z24 wheel nuts

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