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the torque spec is 120 ft pound of torque with steel rims its 140 use a four way and put some grunt into it. That should be just enough.

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Q: What is the wheel nut torque specs for a 1999 Chevy 1500 pickup RWD with steel rims?
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What are the wheel lug torque specs on a 1985 Chevy Camaro?

100ft/lbs 80 ft. pounds for steel wheels and 105 ft. pounds for aluminum wheels

What are the Torque specs to tighten down tires on a 2002 Ford F-150 pickup?

Listed in your owner's manual. On most ford trucks it says it on the lug nut but only with steel wheels

What is axle nut torque specs 2004 grand prix gt?

118 with steel abs clip and 151 with a plastic abs clip.

The right torque for a Chevy intake with aluminum heads?

I believe the torque is figured on the bolt size, not the material. you are using steel bolts ,therefore the torque for an intake bolt on a sm. block is 20 ft. lbs.

What is the lug nut torque specs on a 2009 Hyundai Sonata?

65-80 lb. ft (900-1,00 kg. cm) for both steel and alloy wheels.

What are the torque spec for the wheels on a Chevy Tahoe 1995?

100 - 120 ft. lbs. for most of the wheels, don't know about stamped steel wheels. Varies if you have a duelie, etc.

What is the torque setting for a 2001 Grand am steel wheels?

100 Ft. lbs

What are torque specifications for one-inch stainless steel bolt versus a steel bolt?

Torque is difficult value to estimate. Especially, for material like stainless steel. There are many factors that effect the value of torque. One of the biggest variable is friction. Since this is almost impossible to control in "field" applications, it is crucial take this into consideration when designing bolt connections.

What is the torqe needed for the heads on a 79 Chevy 350?

According to GM Shop manuals Cylinder Head Bolt torque is 60-70 ft-lbs. I have found that if you follow the procedure to progressively increase torque in 20 ft-lb increments as you follow the torque sequence you will properly seat/seal the head gaskets. This is true with either steel shim or "sandwich" gaskets. I also re-torque the bolts one additional time within a half hour after I have set the total torque.

What kind of metal used in 1996 Dodge pickup wheels?

Both steel and aluminum alloys where used.Both steel and aluminum alloys where used.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1992 Chevy 5.7 liter pickup?

find fuel tank under truck and should see two steel lines running to from tank. fuel filter will be inboard of frame ...on Chevy should be about the size of pop can or smaller with preasure flare fittings on either side of filter.

What is the BS equivalent of ASTM A36?

ASTM A36 appears to be similar to the old BS4360 43A Carbon Structural steel specs.

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