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You can see the beaches, beautiful sunsets, and the sea life park. (previous contributor) Their are far too many things to do in Hawaii to mention them all. I would advise checking out a travel book for the islands and plan your trip from there. Here are a few examples of things to do: Shark tours, Pearl Harbor, Honolulu Zoo, Polo games, swim Waimea Bay, Golf, snorkel, surf lessons, see local artist galleries, hike, botanical gardens, go up in an ultra-light, there is a catamaran sunset cruises on the North Shore, eat at Haleiwa Joes, bike rides, check out Lahaina on Maui, a Haleakala Crater sunrise, snorkel Molokini, go fishing, camping, drive to Hana, go check out Lanai, try a horseride or go 4X4ing, tour Kualoa Ranch (where the filmed Jurassic Park), swim with the manta rays on the big as you can see the list goes on and on...... There is so much to do on all of the islands that you really need to decide what you would enjoy the most. Some people relax on the beach for their entire vacation, some are busy the entire time sightseeing, some strike a balance of the two. Plan your vacation to suite your own personal dreams and figure it out ahead of the trip so you don't miss out on anything. I hope this helps you out.

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Q: What is there to see in Hawaii?
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