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Try changing the ignition module on the distributor.Shoud be bolted on the outside with two screws.( I think 7/32 or smaller.they do make a tool for it)It has the wires going to it.Also make sure the wires are in tight.I have seen some with the clip on the connector broken that make it appear it is all the way in the module. Also make sure the rotor is turning. Take off cap and crank over the motor to see if the rotor spins. If not you might have a broken distribuor gear or bad timing chain. also check coil wire to distributor cap.IF All these are good start looking at ignition switch(not key tumbler)in steering column and those connections or the computer(ecm).

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โˆ™ 2006-04-18 17:37:37
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Q: What is wrong if a 1986 Ford Ranger gets no fire to plugs but you changed the coil and checked all fuseable links?
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Where is fuse link on 1982 Ford Ranger?

Generally find fuseable links on a Ford connected to the battery side of the starter relay/solenoid.

1986 ford ranger ext cab that quit now has no spark at all what can cause this you have changed the coil and checked all the fusable links?

repleace module on diserbuter.

What protects circuits and their components?

Fuses, fuseable links and circuit breakers.

Is there any fuseable links between radio and speakers?

Not normally as the voltage is very low.

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Where are the fusible links on a 1990 ford ranger?

location of fusable links Ford Ranger 1990 2.9

Where is the problem Chenge battery and dont start C200 CDI 2003?

Sorry but your question makes absolutely NO sence whatsoever! do you mean that you have already Changed-(with an A, try using spell checker next time pal!) your battery with a new one and your vehicle still will not start? Have you checked ALL fuses and relays related to battery, starter, altenator, ignition and fuel pump? Have you checked ALL spark plug wires? distributor cap, spark rotor or coil pack wires? Have you checked for fuseable links and if your vehicle has any are they bad?

Changed fuel filter on 90 topaz but still won t start checked fuse links they are good wonder if TFI or EEC could stop it from starting Shows in manuel on same fuseable link?

Fuel lines may have lost their prime try turning key to "on" position for about 10 seconds without trying to start vehicle - Do this twice may be eough to prime fuel lines

Where is the fusible link for the alternator located on a 1995 Chevy Cavalier 2.2L?

All fuseable links are on the passenger side on the inner wheelwell.

1989 Aero Cruiser motor Home With 360 Dodge Engine Backfired and won't turn over only half fuses are working Are there fuseable links?

yes they are fuseable links you should have one at the starter but if it backfired i would check the timing gears and chain to make sure you didnt mess the gears up and that it didnt jump timing

Where is the fusible link on a 2000 Ford Ranger?

where are the fuseible links located on a 2000 ford ranger

Where is the fuseable link from the starter of a Chevy S-10?

The fusable links are ususally located about 5 to 6 inches away from the starter on the harness.

Why did my 1991 Dodge Dakota 3.9L 2x2 lose headlights taillights and brke lights not the f1 fuse?

check all fuseable links and/or grounds

Tail lights and inside dash light both went out on an 84 300zx?

check your fuseable links in your engine cpt. black controls those things

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Where are the fusible links on a 1993 Ranger?

The fusible links on a 1993 Ford Ranger are located throughout the vehicle and primarily in the engine compartment. They prevent circuit overloads and must be replaced each time they are burned through.

What is the job of a park ranger?

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What could be the problem if there is no power going to the AC fan or to the AC switches on the console?

Hey Ryan==If you have automatic air, it is probably in the controler. Check all of the fuses amd fuseable links. GoodluckJoe

Why would none of the electronics work in a 1986 Dodge Lancer?

First take the battery cables off and clean both ends. Next look for bad fuseable links at the starter solonoid.

Have a 1995 buick century and you lost headlight's and running light's horn inter lightand automatic locks and lighterand all fuses are ok and relays that you can tell not sure what order they are in?

Check the fuseable links.

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Where are the fusible links in a 1985 Cavalier?

The fuseable links are at the starter positive cable hook up stud.Just ensure that you use the exact same fuse amp upon replacement.I suggest covering the the links with conduit or loom as some call it(I do call it both) from the heat and elements.Your normal auto stores big chains do carry these as in stock items.

Where is the fusible link located in a 94 cavalier?

Locate the starter motor on the lower front of the engine. At the top of the starter, there are a few wire leads attached on a post by a nut. Enclosed in these wire leads are the fusible links. The links are not replaceable (as ordinary fuses are). The "blown links" must be cut off and new links connected in. Newer model cars have done away with fuseable links and have placed more accessible, typical fuses underneath the hood.

Where are the fuseable links on a 1990 z24?

The fusible links on my '89 Z24 are located at the starter solenoid where the end of the positive battery cable attaches to the large terminal. There may be a fusible link near the positive battery cable in the 10 gauge wire (not the heavy gauge one). Good luck.

What could cause your dash and tail lights to go out on a 1990 Nissan maxima?

Hey,I have exactly the same problem. My friend, who is a mechanic,took a look at it. We checked the fuses and fuseable links in the engine compartment and the fuses in the interior panel and all was fine. He fixed the ignition switch and checked the contacts, but still no response from the tail or dash lights. After about five hours he gave up. So I'm taking it to a Nissan dealer tomorrow to see if they can diagnose what it is.My advice to you is that its most likely not a fuse or fuseable link. Probably a loose wire. I will repost when I get this problem fixed.AnswerThe mechanic I went to confirmed there was a bad fuse for the tail lights,which I fixed. The instrument panel/dashboard light is still off, suggesting there is probably a short in the wire which I am attempting to locate.