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Well depends of what kind of hard start and transmission your car may have. It can be and electrical, transmission, engine issue

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Will a 1994 Geo tracker hard top fit on a 1993 tracker?

If it fit on a 1994, then it will fit on your 1993 with no problem.....

Will a 1994 Geo Tracker hard top fit a 1993 Geo Tracker and can you put a hard top on a Tracker that has a soft top?

yes the 94 tracker hardtop will fit the 93 tracker, they are interchangeable from 1989 to 1998 you also can put a hardtop on a tracker that has a soft top(take soft top off first)

1992 Geo Tracker has very hard steering Any suggestions on what may be wrong you just bought it and has 126000 miles?

I have a 90 tracker with manual steering.....whomever had it before me had the wrong size tires on it. if it has power steering... check the fluid level and if the pump still works.

When you accelerate hard your car just splutters but fine after 2000 revs why?

If your vehical is a tracker and you just put the timing chains in, it was done wrong

1993 acura legend hard to start morning time only?

we have 1993 acura legend it hard up it 4 to 5 times to start up when it start it will start up e.z i mean when engine warm up any body have any idea ?

Will a Suzuki Samurai hard top fit a 1995 Geo Tracker?

no, it will not. A Samurai and a Tracker are different body styles. The Suzuki Sidekick is the same body style as the Geo Tracker and those hard tops are interchangeable.

Your Honda crf250r hard to start What is wrong with it?

Nothing as they are traditionally hard to start. Make sure you have the bike in neutral before attempting as that does make it easier. Type your answer here...

Can you show a diagram of a soft to a hard top for 1998 Geo Tracker?

can you show me a how to put a hard top on a 1998 GEO Tracker. I had a soft top on and want to change it to a hard top please help thank you

Will a hard top from a 1996 Geo Tracker fit a 1998?


Is hard to start and turn over red light on dash flashes what is wrong?

you left your emergency flasher on overnight

1993 Mazda 626 is hard to start when its cold?

maybe weak battery or an injector component is defective ( the additional injector that gives extra fuel to start the car )

What could be the cause hard to start 1993 Toyota Camry 4cylnder when engine cranks but often will not start?

Its old, google how to clean (ICV) idle control valve.

Why is a 1993 subaru legacy hard to start hesitation when cold?

check fuel pressure, also a weak ignition coil or fould plugs could cause hard starting

How do you get the Geo Tracker 2000 to roll with out power?

put it in neutral and push really hard

What could be wrong if you have had these ridge-like hard lumps that start from the crown of your head to almost your forehead for years?

Nothings wrong as long as they aren't massive. It's the shape of your skull!

How to get the top on a 1999 Chevrolet tracker?

Is this a hard top or soft top?? An aftermarket hard top fits on easily. What kind of problems are you having?

What are the release dates for The Making of 'Hard Target' - 1993 TV?

The Making of 'Hard Target' - 1993 TV was released on: USA: 15 August 1993

What is wrong when I turn my ignition on it turns but the engine won't start?

that's hard to say it could be as easy as battery or something like your starter theres a couple things it hard to tell with out being there

Why is your 1993 4Runner hard to start in cold weather?

Check your battery first.. If it is fine, you might need to replace your cold start injector timing switch. Fairly expensive, but should work.

How hard is it to change the front seal on a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder?


What is wrong when your penis bends up when hard?

Probably nothing is wrong. Penises vary quite a lot when hard. When mine is hard the tip is pointing at the ceiling.

What year hard top will fit 1996 tracker?

Um...1996. go to They have all the models.

How much is the average cost to put in a kickdown cable in a geo tracker and is it hard to do?

easy, try

Could a soft top replace a hard top on a geo tracker 94?

Yeah go to

Will a 1992 Geo Tracker hard top fit on a 1994?

my (early production) 1995 OEM hardtop fit on my 1991 Tracker. They didn't change very much in this period. I think Yes, it will fit