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I have seen this before more than likely your coolant sensor has a internal short and needs to be replaced.

2004-10-30 15:38:01
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What is the timing on a 1990 dodge shadow?

12 degrees with the coolant temperature sensor unplugged.12 degrees with the coolant temperature sensor unplugged.

What is the ignition timing setting for a dodge charger 2.2 gas engine?

12 btdc with coolant sensor unplugged for most 2.2L's12 btdc with coolant sensor unplugged for most 2.2L's

Cooling fans only comes on at 250 degrees if ac is on or when Coolant temp Sensor is unplugged. changed coolant temp relay still the same?

Might be the sensor, each fan has its own relay

Why wont truck start with map sensor plugged in but starts with it unplugged?

odds are the sensor needs to be replaced

Why does your cooling fans not work when plugged in to the temp sensor but work when its unplugged from the temp sensor?

Is the car overheating? As a safety measure, the fan will come on when the coolant sensor is unplugged. This is in case the wires come unplugged or the sensor goes bad so that the car will not overheat. If you have A/C the fan should come on within a few seconds after turning the A/C on. The fan on the car does not come on simply because it is plugged in to the sensor. It first has to get fairly hot....something like 238 degrees before the fan will come on. This is a how a correctly functioning fan will work. If it is not coming on when the gauge reads above that you may have to take it in to find out why. It could be a bad sensor....likely......or that the computer is not reading the signal correctly and thinks the car is running cooler than it is.

Does the coolant level sensor turn the fans on?

No, the electric cooling fans turn on and off by a signal from the coolant temp sensor. The coolant level sensor only illuminates the low coolant light when you are low on coolant.

Why new cooling fan wont stop running?

check to see if the cooling fan temp sensor is unplugged. the sensor is located on the drivers side of the engine. the heater hose comes in from the back of the engine. there is a manifold with two sensors plugged to it. the one toward the rear of the car is the one. if this is unplugged the engine light will stay on and so will the fan. if this is not the culprit there are quite a few things that can make this happen.

Daewoo lanos overheating?

Many possibles, coolant leakage,headgaket,plugged radiator, stuck thermostat, bad cooling fan, coolant sensor, radiator fan relay, ECU malfunction, rodents chewed on the ground wire for the cooling fan, or about 20 other possibles

Where is the coolant sensor located on a 05 Chevy aveo?

Where is the temperature cooling sensor located

What Probable fix for a 92 Caprice 305 engthat has atemp gage that does not move and over temp light on but car is not overheating?

Sounds like the coolant sensor is unplugged....or possibly a bad sensor. Check to make sure it's plugged in...replace if needed.

How do you turn off the low coolant light on a 2001 Chevrolet Impala when the level is ok and where is the sensor located?

The low coolant sensor is located in the side of the radiator. It can be unplugged but then how will you know it is low.

Where is a 2000 Chevy cavalier cooling fan sensor?

The coolant fan sensor is the same as the sensor that shows the coolant temperature on the dash gauge. It is located on the intake manifold.

1994 dodge 2.2 liter timing spec?

12 deg btdc with coolant sensor unplugged

Why is your 2003 Hyundai Elantra running hot There are no leaks oil and coolant levels are fine?

Bad temperature sensor unit? Cooling fan not working? Water pump not circulating coolant? Radiator plugged or restricted? System airbound? Thermostat not opening?

Does a 2005 dodge neon have a cooling temp sensor?

Yes, a Dodge Neon has a coolant temperature sensor.

Why in 1997 trans am V8 Cooling fans only comes on at 250 degrees or if ac is on or when Coolant temp Sensor is unplugged I changed coolant temp relay temp switch sensor but still the same?

I have a 96 ta and I made the fans on it manual so I can turn them on wen they need to be like wen I'm running it hard

Is coolant fluid supposed to come out when you change the coolant temperature sensor?

this is normal,because the coolant temp sensor is supposed to be in direct contact with the cooling fluid in order to read its temperature

How many cooling sensors in a 1994 s10 Chevy blazer?

It has 1 coolant sensor, 1 temperature sensor

Where is the cooling Fan temperature sensor on a crown vic?

coolant fan temp sensor 1998 crown victoria

Where is thermostat cooling sensor in 2002 gmc sonoma?

Coolant Temperature Sensor/Switch (For Computer)Locations View

Why the temp gauge does not work on your Nissan Quest 1998?

Chek the coolant sensor plug and others sensor in the same area to see if the are broken,unplugged or dirty

Where is the cooling temperature sensor located on a 2006 Hyundai sonata?

where is the coolant temp sensor located on a 2006 hyundai sonata

Can't find the engine coolant temperature sensor on your 96 grand am 3.1 cooling fan not coming on only when air's on or defrost?

There is a sensor located at the bottom of the coolant reservoir.

How do you replace the coolant level sensor on a 1995 thunder bird?

PATH: Engine Cooling > Coolant Temperature Sensor > Removal & Installation Removal & Installation Drain the engine cooling system slightly. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Detach the wiring connection from the sensor. Remove the coolant temperature sensor from the intake manifold. Clean the sensor area of any debris. To install: Install a new sensor into the intake manifold. Tighten the 6-14 ft. lbs. (8-19 Nm). Attach the sensor wiring to the unit. Connect the negative battery cable. Fill the engine cooling system with a 50/50 coolant water mixture. Start the engine and top off the cooling system.

Why does the cooling fan run all the time on 1991 corolla?

Your temperature sensor, located on the thermostat housing could be faulty or unplugged.