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Hi I just got my 97 960 , sun roof loked at it was leaking on both sides. I watched a guy do it that had years of experience. He is not always sure of were the water gets in . Seems like a lot of trial and error.

He cleaned off the seal around the glass with paper towel (the seal that looking from the top goes over the glass by a 1/2 " } . He had a piece of plastic {like a knife} and got it under the seal and blew any dirt out with compressed air.Then he used a caulking gun with a urathane cartridge in it {buy at the auto store for puting in windshields} and got the urathane under the seal all the way around. For any cleanup he squirted the excess urathane with a soppy water and ran a flat razor blade around the glass .Wipe off excess on per towel as you go. Also to check your drains there is a hole in each corner of the sun roof ,. Blow each hole with compressed air . At the front you should hear air at the bottom corner of each side of the wind shield. I didn't think it would work but it has rained yesterday and no leak !

Secondly when i shut the power sun roof , sometimes you can still hear the air sound so I have to bump the roof toggle switch to get a tight shut off. A Volvo mechanic showed me how to adjust it. There is an adjustment on each side of the sun roof .You can see it from insde the car on the sun roof linkage toward the back. Loosen off the small bolts on each side and push up on the glass.Tighten bolts back up.

Answersun roof has a tube at back of track which allow water to run off . this track if clogged will cause water to back up and run over side of track into car. better to put a vaccum tube on it than to blow thru which may clog it worse. J.R. good luck
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Q: What is wrong if the sunroof on your Volvo 960 is not leaking out of the drains but from the inside track?
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Try seaking seal

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You can do this one of two ways. First and the best thing to do is to get some new weather stripping for it or you can find out where it is leaking and use some silcone

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no yo can't

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Pull the fuse.Don't know the number.

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how much it cost to replace my sun root

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This can be an alarm fault. The alarm module controls the sunroof as well as the security system. Main dealer only I'm sorry to say!

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A/C condensate?

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If your Volvo 960's sun roof is not working, you might have an issue with the roof motor or with the fuse. You could also have a problem with the control switch or the wiring.

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