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What is wrong if the turn signals on a 1999 VW Beetle stopped working?

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A Beetle is like most cars when it comes to turn signals. Most likely you have a defective "turn signal relay switch" or it could be just a burned out brake light. Switch on your lights and have someone stand behind the car to sure everything is working. Turn Signals I own a 99 Beetle. If your fuses are fine, replace the flasher. All it took was $32.00 including tax at the dealer. The part you more than likely need to replace is the hazard light switch/flasher. To pull it, pry it out form the bottom with a small flat screw driver. Once it's all the way out, tilt the plug sideways so the wires wont't pull the plug inwards when you pull off the switch from the plug. Take the part to the parts department at your VW dealer (if you try lookiing for it at a junk yard it will probably de as old as the same part you are replacing) Plug it in till it clicks, tuck it in till it clicks. Turn the ignition on and try your turn signals.

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