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If the batteryu & starter are good, I would check the neutral safety switch

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Q: What is wrong if when you turn the key in your 2001 Sunfire and the fan and lights work but the starter will not turn over or start?
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What could be wrong if you have to start a 96 Pontiac Sunfire by putting a screw driver on the starter?

The starter solenoid, or ignition switch is bad, and either one needs to be replaced.

What is wrong with my 1999 infiniti i30 when i turn the key it want start up but the lights comes on?

Replace the starter

When you turn the key on a 2001 Chrysler sebring but it wont start have lights and have tried jumping it but that's not the problem What could be wrong?

If it does not turn over, but the lights work, you have a bad starter.

94 Ford Probe will not start all the lights and radio air and heat work like normal but when I tried to start it there was no noise and no turnover what is wrong?

you have a magnetic starter on this vehicle, the starter is no good, you might try to hit it with a hammer to get it to start.

What could be wrong with your dodge caravan if the lights come on but the car will not start?

most likely it is the starter. try moving the van a little bit or banging on the starter with a hammer ... then try to start it again..... if it starts then it is the starter , if not , it may need to be diagnosed by a repair shop ...

Your 94 Ford escort lx 1.9l wont start but all the lights on dash and radio come on is your starter out or if not what could be wrong?

Yes, a bad starter or starter solenoid can be the reason for a car not starting but all the lights coming on. It could be a battery going bad or being drained.

What is wrong if your 99 jetta won't start but windows are working and alarm is working?

If the headlights will come on bright it's probably the starter. If the lights are dim it may be the battery. If you try jumper cables and it won't start it's probably the starter.

Lexus es300 doesn't start only makes one click all lights work do you know what's wrong?

Starter, replace the contacts and plunger

What could be wrong with a 1997 S 10 if it will not start and the 'idiot' lights do not flash when you turn the key?

dead battery or a broken wire between the battery and the starter

What is wrong on a Chevy TrailBlazer 2003 that does not start all the time and the computer does not show that there is a problem and sometimes when I turn the key the dash lights come on. no starter.?

Could be battery, battery connections, starter, starter connections, neutral safety switch. I would check those in that order.

If a car wont start but all lights come on and when you turn the key you hear clicking is that the starter?

Yes, the clicking is the starter, but there's probably nothing wrong with it. Your battery doesn't have enough juice to turn the starter motor (draws lots of current), but still has enough to turn on the lights and accessories. Try jump starting it or trickle charge the battery.

Why doesnt my car start it has been sitting for 5 years and we changed the battery and still nothing but lights come on so whats wrong with the car if it doesnt make the click sound?

most likely tha starter is bad or the power to the starter is bad

How do you fix a four wheeler that won't start with a fully charged battery?

There is many different things that can be wrong. If you have lights but the starter won't spin, then you could have a bad break light switch,a bad starter switch, bad starter solenoid, or even a bad starter. If the starter does spin but the motor won't start it could be a bad spark plug, bad coil, fuel blockage, carburetor that needs to be cleaned out, or bad stator.

How do you know what is wrong with a 1989 Honda civic that will not turn over but the lights all work?

Have you checked it's starter?

1992 Chevy Lumina APV wont start lights radio etc does what is wrong?

Your battery is dead and you should probably take it to the repair shop and have them put it in for you. Couldn't it be the starter motor? The lights and radio come on, so there must be some juice and the battery.

1997 dodge ram truck won't start lights are bright and starter clicks but will not turn over what is wrong?

The starter solenoid or relay switch needs to be replaced. Definitely not true, start out with something a little more simple, clean your battery terminals and make sure they are tight, that is usually when you will hear clicking.

How can i fix a 1999 Pontiac sunfire that the tail lights and brake lights are not working but daytime runners and back window brake light works what is wrong?

On my 98 sunfire, the tail lights and marker lights only work if you turn on the headlights. If only the daytime lights are on, the Pontiac on the trunk is illuminated but no other lights at the rear until brakes or turn signals are activated. This is common with a lot of vehicles out there. Daytime running lights are not necessarily the same candle power as the headlights. I can tell a big difference in mine.

You replaced your starter on a 96 Pontiac bonnevillesse you only get a click Battery is good What is wrong now?

does all your lights go out when you start it you may have a lose ground on your battery might should clean posts. your starter was probably not brand new the solenoid may be bad also

Whats wrong with a 1997 Chevy Cavalier when it will not start and it's not the starter?

distributor cap

What is wrong with your 01 Neon when you start the car it does not turn on and all the power and gages turn off but the engin still clicks?

First of all is the lights working in the car? (over head lights or any kind of lights) If your not getting anything at all (no lights) then you should check the battery. If the lights are working then I would check your starter. Most of the time if you take the battery somewhere to get checked they will do it for free. So I would start there. Did you try to get a jump to see if that would start it? Hope this helped some.

What could be wrong with a '96 pathfinder to make headlights and interior lights work but nothing on the dashboard works and it wont start?

It could be a bad battery battery does not have enough power in it to make starter to work.

What could be wrong if your car shrieks when trying to start it?

Bad starter, bad flywheel/ring gear, bad starter/flywheel alignment.

What would cause your car to not start and just click once meanwhile the lights and radio and everything else works This has happened several times and always starts after about twenty tries?

there might be something wrong with your starter or alternator

What is wrong with your 1998 GMC truck if you have a new starter and you are getting fire but will not start?

are you getting fuel?

What is wrong when you change the battery out on a 2004 Chevy Tahoe and it will not start?

possiblly the starter or fuel pump is out.