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What is wrong if your 1995 Dodge Neon shoc runs at normal operating temp then starts to spit and sputter and eventually dies?

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2010-04-12 21:45:52
2010-04-12 21:45:52

exact same problem with a 96 neon. we even replaced the computer. I can barely make it to work and back. If you turn your key on-off-on-off-on-off (not cranking the engine, just turning the computer on) and then sit and wait, the check engine light will flash a series of codes. Search for dodge neon engine light codes online. This will help put you in the right direction. I'm about to hit the o2 sensors but other forums have pointed me toward the camshaft/crankshaft sensors. The problem is most likely electrical. good luck with your dodge.

AnswerTry checking the coil resistance ! Good Luck ! Answermy 95 sohc is doing the same about every two weeks or so...i changed the fuel filer, plugs, wires, and asked everyone i know...still doin it to Answertry changing the crank sensor. we had the same problems with our 1995 neon. it now has 745000 kms on it . 2nd engine and third transmission.the engine is operated from sensors.if you exp bad fuel milage change your o2 sensors Answertry checking the fuel pump. My car does the exact same thing on hot days like in the summer. All winter I never had a problem with it. I ask a lot of mechanics. one said it could be oil leaking into the crank/cam (forget which) sensor case. But I would think this would happen all year round if that were the case. A lot of people said it could be the fuel pump, that the fuel pump acting like this is common on these cars. They also suggested the thermostat but that seems to work fine and even on the hottest days the engine doesn't go to much higher then half (well where it normally is under regular operating temp.) So I don't believe the car is overheating because the head gasket would definitely go in these cars with an overheat.

The fuel would make sense. Because it does not throw a check engine light. There is no cooling for it. And the problem happens faster when you try to use things like a/c which uses more fuel. I already replaced my fuel filter thinking this would solve it. This did not help.

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