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Check for oil leak(s) underneath the car...this might be messing up your electrical connections. According to my 1984-1994 Tempo/Topaz Repair Manual. It is the Exhaust Gas Recircuation (EGR)valve. A Malfunctioning EGR valve can cause 1 or more of the folloming syptoms: 1) Detonation, 2) rough idle or stalls on deceleration. 3) Hesitation or surge. 4)Abnromally low power at wide open throttle. My 94 Topaz has the same porblem, expect I replaced my EGR valve and it still acts up. So I'm check ing the other parts of that system. The EGR Transducer, and the EGR Vacuum Regulator (EVR). Have your fuel injectors cleaned. About $100 at a garage. When they get hot they gum up because of deposits. Check the distributor, that was the problem with mine, I needed a new one

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Q: What is wrong with a 92 Topaz that runs fine when the engine is cold but when it warms up the idle fluxuates and it stalls and you have replaced the throttle control air intake sensor and idle sensor?
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Why will your engine start but the gas pedal will not work?

well if its a carburated engine or has a throttle body it sounds that its throttle linkage has snapped and needs to be replaced. I will assume that the vehicle is carburated and tell you to cxheck the drivers side of the carburetor by taking off the air cleaner and looking at the throttle control on the carb

Does the throttle sensor lose the rpm?

The throttle position sensor tells the engine control module what you are doing with the throttle as you drive. If you let your foot off of the accelerator pedal the throttle position sensor sends that information to the engine control module and the engine will receive less fuel and it will lose rpm.

Why is the electronic throttle control light on in your Chrysler 300c?

It is on because the engine computer has detected a malfunction with the electronic throttle control system.

What is the throttle of a car?

A Throttle is the fuel control that controls the mixture of fuel and air and the rate of flow into the engine.

What is a body Control module on Chevy Malibu?

It is called a throttle body control module. It is in the engine compartment on the top of the engine.

Where is the electronic throttle control on 5.7 liter hemi dodge?

The throttle body is controlled by the engine computer, which is located on the firewall.

Where is the idle air control valve on 5.7liter hemi engine 2004?

No such part. The computer actuates the throttle plate to control engine speed.

Did dodge ram V6 come with a throttle body in 2001?

Yes it had a throttle body to control the amount of air getting into the engine.

Change a throttle position sensor for 05 altima?

The throttle position sensor determines the amount of throttle used when the engine is running at various speeds. If the sensor is faulty, it can be replaced by ordering a new part.

2007 Kia Spectra Idle Control Valve location on engine?

on throttle body

Can a Dodge Neon 1998 SOHC 20 engine be replaced with a 2000 engine?

Yes it can. The engine is exactly the same except for the throttle body an intake. Just use the ones on the old engine.

Where is idle air control valve on 99 dodge durango 5.2l engine?

Throttle body

Example uses of Electronic engine control system?

The ECM (Electronic control module or Computer) Can and does control Spark advance Fuel injection timing and amount EGR function Engine temperature Throttle position in a throttle by wire system. Monitors engine operation through several sensors Relays information (speed, temperature etc) to the dash display.

1995 Honda accord cruise control doesn't work?

Check fuse(s) and wiring. Could also be the control module, an electronic marvel that cannot be repaired only replaced. The throttle link between the gas pedal and the engine could also be broken.

Where is the idle control valve on a dodge 2500 pick up?

That depends on the year and engine size. On most gas engines it is on the throttle body.That depends on the year and engine size. On most gas engines it is on the throttle body.

Can you repair electronic throttle control?

We solution for your throttle troble. sence 2007 we repair throttle valve for GE12TI engine for busway in jakarta indonesia. for more information please contact

Where is the idle air control valve 86 Chevy Celebrity?

Assuming you have a mpfi engine it is in the throttle body.

Where is the idle air control valve located on a 1993 f150 5.8 liter engine?

On the throttle body

Where is the idle air control valve located on your 1995 Honda Accord?

On throttle body. It lets in extra air at idle when engine cold and throttle blade is closed.

What does the red lightning bolt mean on a 2005 Chrysler 300?

That light is the failure indicator for the electronic throttle control system. If the light stays on, the engine computer will have stored a trouble code.That is the indicator for a failure in the electronic throttle system.

What does the TPS sensor do?

Throttle Position Sensor (TPS), it detects how open the throttle body plate is to govern how much fuel is delivered to the engine. One of the myriad of inputs your engine control module uses to control your engine. If you are getting a fault code due to the TPS, try cleaning the throttle body out with a spray of throttle body cleaner (not carb cleaner) carbon buildup can cause it to stick. If it does stick open, some vehicles will default to "limp mode" to keep them from accelerating uncontrollably.

Why does royobi 700R trimmer only runs at high speed throttle moves but does not change engine speed?

Throttle linkage between control handle and carburetor is loose or broken.

Where is the ETC on your 2005 Chrysler 300C?

The ETC is electronic throttle control. It includes the throttle body, on the intake. The engine computer, under the cowl passenger side, and numerous sensors.

Why is idle rough on cold engine in 2007 ford focus?

throttle body or idle air control value

Why does my 1994 3.8 lesabre engine runs rough at a light throttle and on cruise control?

check for vacuum leak.