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What is wrong with a 92 Topaz that runs fine when the engine is cold but when it warms up the idle fluxuates and it stalls and you have replaced the throttle control air intake sensor and idle sensor?

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August 28, 2008 4:08PM

Check for oil leak(s) underneath the car...this might be messing

up your electrical connections. According to my 1984-1994

Tempo/Topaz Repair Manual. It is the Exhaust Gas Recircuation

(EGR)valve. A Malfunctioning EGR valve can cause 1 or more of the

folloming syptoms: 1) Detonation, 2) rough idle or stalls on

deceleration. 3) Hesitation or surge. 4)Abnromally low power at

wide open throttle. My 94 Topaz has the same porblem, expect I

replaced my EGR valve and it still acts up. So I'm check ing the

other parts of that system. The EGR Transducer, and the EGR Vacuum

Regulator (EVR). Have your fuel injectors cleaned. About $100 at a

garage. When they get hot they gum up because of deposits. Check

the distributor, that was the problem with mine, I needed a new


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