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It's possibly the keyswitch, neutral lockout switch, bad connection from the keyswitch or other electrical problems. You'll need to just track it down.

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Where is the starter on a 1992 Plymouth Voyager?

The starter is located near the transmission on the drivers side of the 1992 Plymouth Voyager. The starter is responsible for turning the engine over.

Why Ford truck does not start after turning off engine?

The starter could be bad. Or the battery. The starter could be bad. Or the battery.

Why is your 1998 Chevy z71 starting but then turning right off for?

check the battery or battery cables or the alternator or starter

What does it mean when your won't start or turn over?

I means you have a battery problem or a starter problem or dirty/loose battery cable connections. If the battery is operating the starter and the starter is turning the engine over but the engine won't start and run, you may have a spark problem or a fuel problem.


Can be a dead battery, defective starter, loose or corroded battery connection, or blown main fuse. If nothing comes on when you turn on the ignition switch and your interior lights are not working it is not the starter.

Why does your car not start but it has a full battery?

If the starter motor is not turning, it could be a dirty or poor battery terminal contact causing the problem. Also check the starter relay and solenoid and all connections to them. It could also be the starter motor itself. If the starter motor is turning, look at both the fuel system and the ignition system. A failure in either of them will result in the car not starting.

How do i diagnose whats keeping my 90 ranger xlt from turning over?

Discharged or bad battery Battery cables loose or corroded Defective Starter or starter solenoid Bad Neutral or safety switch

Your 94 buick lesabre will not start The battery is OK?

If you lights do not dim when turning key, then probably your starter.

Why does your car have a hard time turning over?

starter may be going out, may need to replace your battery.

Cant get bolts off on battery wires going to starter 1998chevyblazer?

you have to hold the battery cable or the nut behind it to keep it from turning with the nut you are removing.

Why wont the engine crank over on a 1994 Chevrolet s-10?

That's insufficient information. In general, "crank over" means that the starter is not turning the engine when you put the keyswitch to the "start" position. The starter can fail to engage because of a failed starter, solenoid, keyswitch, neutral lockout switch, faulty battery, failed alternator or just about anything that would drain the battery.

Why is your 1995 Toyota 4-runner not turning over with a good battery?

Do you have any click in the starter itself but still not turning over? Then its the starter giving you fits. Replace it. If no click is heard then it could be a fuse or more likely the starter relay. Check them both before moving to the starter.

Will a weak starter keep an engine from turning over?

Yes, it will. Remove the starter and have it tested at you local auto parts store. But make sure the battery is not the culprit.

Is a battery operated to a car mechanical energy?

A car battery produces electrical energy through chemical means, and this energy can be converted to mechanical energy such as the turning of the starter motor that starts the vehicles engine turning.

Why would a 96 silverado not start after turning it off?

the battery my have a bad cell, or the starter may need to be replaced

Your 1996 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L is barely turning over but the battery is fine What else could it be?

Maybe your starter.

What is wrong with a 1997 Infiniti I30 when nothing happens when turning the key Battery is fine?

Check the starter and your fuses.

What wears out a car battery?

Cranking the car or starting the car in cold weather can wear out a car battery. You can also wear out the battery by turning the starter over without fuel in the tank.

What if your car wont start when turning the ignition you hear a clicking sound The radio and lights come on The starter and battery are about 4 years old?

Could be: Seized engine Weak battery loose or corroded battery cables Bad starter solenoid Bad starter Bad neutral or clutch safety switch

Why is my car not turning over?

Bad starter, or dead battery. :) Or you could have a bad wiring connection. Oh yes, and your starter switch (where you put your key) could be going bad.

What is the clicking sound on my 1995 ford pickup starter?

I'm guessing it clicks but won't start? If that's the case its the starter drive going out to engage the flywheel but the starter motor is not turning. Probably needs a starter but you should check to make sure there is correct voltage in system (battery & alternator is o/k) and that the wiring is also o/k to the starter & at the battery.

94 geo tracker wont start battery seems fine hear something engaging 1 click then nothing what could it be?

Sounds like the starter solenoid is bad also Check the battery cables for looseness and/or corrosion A weak battery or coroded, loose,or broken cables on/from battery to starter or engine ground will cause a starter selinoid to click without turning the starter. Less often, the windings in the starter or the brushes may be worn out, requiring a replacement. Salt deposit or corossion on the starter lugs also may rob power to the starter. It is VERY IMPORTANT to remove the negative battery cable first, before cleaning, removing or servicing the positive cable on the battery or the starter to avoid possible arcing or shorting battery voltage.

Why would an 2004 Expedition with 52000 miles suddenly intermittently have trouble turning over when starting?

Dead battery if it is having trouble turning over or the starter motor is going out. Check the battery cables and ground straps at both ends for corossion

1984 ford ranger starter making grinding noise?

starter not meshing with fly wheel . you need new starter ,right side of engine two wires three bolts pull negative battery cable first brake on for safety or you have a low battery and its not turning starter fast enough to engage you don't say what kind of noise.

Why won't the car start when hot but after 1 hour it will again?

If you only hear a click sound and the motor is not turning then you either need a new starter or your battery cable that goes to the starter is loose.