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Obviously there is one thing you didn't try, correct? Lets take this one step at a time. You need to communicate with the computer to get insights as to the problem. The computer is probably fine, but the aldl connector may not be (for starters). Regardless you'll need to cross this bridge. My opinion would be to contact the local snap-on dealer for a referal to a repair shop that is versed in this field, MANY shops are not but claim to be. Next, You may be creating problems by guessing, setting yourself evens farther backwards at a costly price. Areas of concern regarding fuel consumption are too rich conditions burning fuel that is unnecessary, problems that are not a fuel/air ratio problem, such as a brake dragging. To help decide what the source may be, check the tailpipe for heavy carbon build up. This may indicate a rich condition. You'll need to access the ECM to go further on that front without guessing. Raise the car so the wheels are off the ground, place in neutral and spin each wheel, any drag or fairly free moving? I am assuming that your maintenance is caught up? Such as spark plugs, air induction service, air filter etc.?

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Q: What is wrong with your 95 contour if it burns a tank of gas in 100 miles and you cant read the computer even though you replaced it and you have tried to fix every thing on the car but nothing fixes?
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Try sqeasing the return hose from the radiator if it is real soft it is weak . did it to me and i replaced it and worked .

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had similar prob i had to replace # 4 cylinder and my entire cam pack on my engine...obd reader are sweet to have ..get one made for any vehicle.they are $$$, but saved me 780.00

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