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What job skills do you need to become a president of the US?


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September 30, 2008 11:08PM

There are three qualifications as follows:

* Must be a natural born citizen * Be at least 35 years of age * Have been a resident in the US for 14 years (you can be a naturalized citizen without actually being born in the US). As you can see, there are no educational requirements. Still, there are many skills and personal traits that would help in the pursuit of the office. Some might include:

* Good communications skills * Leadership skills - the ability to persuade others to agree with and/or follow your vision * Good critical thinking skills * Charismatic personality * Self-starter * Highly motivated * Well versed on all issues as they are related to the nation * Strives always for good personal appearance * Ability to delegate authority The above are just some skills and traits, others may add to them. Still, beginning with Theodore Roosevelt, all presidents except Harry Truman had a college education. Some graduating from very prestiges institutions. Thus, today a college education - although not required - is a must (at least in the eyes of the people).