What kind of colony was New York?

New York first became an English colony in 1664 when it was conquered by the English during the Second Anglo-Dutch war. The colony was granted by the English king, Charles II, to his brother James Duke of York. This arrangement was what is known as a proprietary colony. A proprietary colony was an English colony where the government was in the hands of a private person or corporate body. The proprietor could create any kind of government that he wished. In New York's case, James created a political system with a governor who ruled with a council of advisors appointed by James. It was not until 1683 that New York was first granted the right to an assembly to create laws. Even then, the assembly was beholden to James and he could veto any law that he liked. When James succeeded his brother Charles II to the throne and became James II in 1685 New York became a royal colony. It continued as a royal colony down to the American Revolution.